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Purposing to Live in Peace

While many talk about peace; it is something they most don’t ever truly attain. Why? It takes commitment. Ruthless and relentless commitment.

I didn’t know what peace was much less how to get it or even how to keep it. It continuously evaded me. It probably has evaded you in some ways too. Do how do you go about getting peace? Keeping it? Living in it?

Getting, keeping and living in peace will require action. It will require you to know Jesus for it is through Him that peace comes.  Society cannot do it for you. In fact; society will work against you even getting it.

Take an inventory of your life today. Do you have peace?  Examine the following in your life:

1- Clutter. Do you own your stuff or does it own you? How much is it robbing you of peace because of what it requires of you? The reminders of what to take care, think about; revealing to you what you aren’t that you really never were in the first place.  How much of your thoughts is the clutter stealing?  You must purpose yourself to take authority over the clutter to attain your peace.

2- Your relationships. What we allow in from other people will have an impact.  Drama, trauma and ungodly soul ties all create havoc on our peace through unhealthy and toxic relationships. The boundaries you live by will determine what is allowed in your life.  If you aren’t setting boundaries then anything can enter and that means the enemy has legal right.  The question to ask yourself is ‘what kind of relationships do I want in my life?’ And then build from there. You will see the answer and what your steps are to bring forth peace. Distance from others may be what’s next to enter for your best future.

3- Your Order. God is a God of order.  From the beginning God set the order of all things and within them to operate; order. The enemy, on the other hand; is all about chaos, disruption and disorder. To walk and live in peace; order must reign. Disorder cannot bring peace and all things not of order must be brought forth for the fullness to enter.

4- Living within your means. Current society is setup for failure. The world system is corrupt. We don’t need to examine that as one can look around and see it. Buy more and bigger is the motto for many corporate slogans.  The question is are you living within your means? Do you even know what your means are? Studies continue to show that those who live within their means are not only happier; but also have more peace and stability through any crisis.

5- Am I living my purpose?  When you live in the purpose you were created for; your life has a different meaning.  It brings clarity and will change your life without a doubt. One easy way the people’s lives are ruined is by living a false purpose and identity. Many know they were called for something far greater than what they have settled for. Is that you? It’s time to move toward your purpose so that it, you and peace can reign.

Living in peace does not happen by accident. It cannot. It requires commitment and at times being ruthless to remove that which steals from you. The end goal; however, is worth it. Your life, outlook and future all can change when peace enter and through it. It’s time for you to start living in it.

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