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Spiritual Advisor

There are times when your problems aren’t financial, relational, or professional. They are spiritual. They require a different type of conversation. 

Different from a mental health counselor; spiritual advising is directed to help each individual grow spiritually in their walk with God. 

If you are called to ministry, are a CEO or in need of spiritual guidance; this is the best place to seek advising.

The average time for this service with Dr. Blair has been 7 years with some over 10 years. 


There is safety in the multitudes of counsel. Having someone to bring forth guidance, direction for enhanced change and decision making.

This service is designated to a particular issue and the typical time is 2 hours to 2 months in length. Monthly retainer is also available and wise for those who require someone constant who is trusted and able to provide counsel. 

Dr. Blair takes only 12 clients per year on retainer in the Royal12 Program. 


High quality problems require strategic solutions and this is where Dr. Blair’s consulting skills provide what is required for the particular problem in need of resolution. Contracts may be 3-12 months in length with options for extension. 

For Groups & Companies

Is your group or company in need of complex issues that must be kept private from the public and unsuspecting ears?

Dr. Blair understands discretion and works with companies and employees to resolve situations to enhance the overall work environment and quality of life for employees and owners.  

Contracts may be 1 day to 3 months.

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