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The Lost Art of Conversation

As the pace of society and technology increases; the art of conversation proves to decrease. Conversations around the dinner table, enjoying conversation in the park; and even fellowshipping with friends of years passed seems to be an art long forgotten. In its place are instant messages and partial texts filled with emojis hoping to get the message across.

How do we come back to restore the art conversation? Where do we begin to bring forth what once was a norm that is viewed as passe?  We must return to the basics; people.  Kindness. Love. We must be aware and the more aware the better our relationships will be. What are some steps to growing in the art of conversation?

1-Pay attention to non verbal communication. Studies reveal that 93% of daily communication is nonverbal. When we miss the

2- Communicate face to face. Engaging with one another face to face is something that brings forth what a text message cannot. The overuse of technology has invaded our lives in ways that most are not aware of. Look into the eyes of those you are conversing with; and you will be surprised to what you truly see.

3- Listen.  The skill of listening is something that takes effort; and this effort brings forth life changing transformation. That transformation that many are not aware of is the difference between life and death.

Time is truly the gift that is the wrapping of any conversation. It’s a gift than when given; continues long beyond the giver’s presence. To engage in a conversation it means we are ready to set ourselves down, pause for a moment, enjoy life; and come to a place of knowing those whom we say we care about.

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