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If You Had Only 6 Months to Live

Time is the one thing that keeps moving whether we like it or not. It waits for no one; it does not discriminate. Often; however, we fail to recognize its pace or keep up with it.

I’ve heard many talk about if only they had one more hour in their day they would do this or that which leads me to ask why they aren’t already.  Is that you? You  claim you would this or that; yet you actually already can. Nothing is stopping you; except your perception of time.  The hours are there; the 1,440 minutes are there- every day.  They are there to be invested, spent or wasted.

It was just yesterday I had a conversation with a friend and asked her about her desire to live in California. I asked her if she had 6 months left to live if she would move there.  She had all the reasons why she couldn’t and ended with ‘well; I have more than 6 months so it doesn’t matter” which I silently questioned how she really knew that.  None of us know when our time on this earth is finished yet I’m sure if we did we would live like it.

Where will you be 6 months from now? What will your story be? What would you do in 6 months if it’s all you have left?

I would tell you that the things you fuss over aren’t fussy worth it; and that really all you need is Jesus. The simplicity of living can truly enter when the reality of life sets in. It’s just a phone, hair and traffic. People are people whether they are fans, followers or haters. The sun sets and rises; and each day passes.

In that breath of the day passing what do you see? What do you hear? What do you hope for? What are you pursuing that matters? I recall the day sitting on the beach at the Gold Coast in Australia listening to a client tell me he wanted nothing more than to be a gym teacher all his life; but he never pursued it. He climbed the corporate ladder and had all that it showed in the physical; beautiful home on the beach, 3 months paid  vacation- and the emptiness inside of  great regret. Freedom isn’t so free when you have to finance it.

The one thing about time is that it’s consistently consistent.  Round and round the cycles go. How many of them will it take for you to stop, see, reflect and breathe. In the final 6 months what is it that you want to see? Breathe? Experience?

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking.

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