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12 hours ago
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Forgiving Others Before Dating

Single people are funny. They just are. Married people are too but not in the way single people are. Single people want to be married yet in order to even get to the status of dating someone that person must meet their criteria list of 1,000 items that simply are not attainable. Oh- you have […]

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Kelsey Grammar Forgives Murderer

There are lessons of forgiveness everywhere we look. None of us are immune and when we start to recognize this; the soften heart can seep through.Forgiveness changes lives. Such is the case perhaps of Kelsey Grammar who’s sister was killed decades ago. It’s a story that in today’s society is more common. A family member […]

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2 days ago
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Accident Forgiveness in Real Life

I love the phrase ‘accident forgiveness.’ It’s all over the television and of course applies to those unwanted car accidents people find themselves in. But does accident forgiveness apply to other areas of life? One would think that ‘yes’ it does; but does it? The whole concept of accident forgiveness is quite fascinating really. Isn’t […]

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