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How Unforgiveness Steals Your Joy

Most people don’t pay much attention to unforgiveness; not in the church or out. It’s mentioned here and there but it’s not the main course; nope not unforgiveness. Yet it’s a bigger worldwide killer than any other disease on the planet. Unforgiveness steals your joy and life in ways you can’t imagine. Unforgiveness keeps you […]

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2 weeks ago
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3 Ways Unforgiveness Separates You

Life is hard. People cheat, lie and steal; all when you least expect it. Unforgiveness creeps in without even a scent. Next thing you know; your unforgiving life has caught up with you. Three ways that unforgiveness separates you are quite simple really. 1) Unforgiveness keeps you living as a victim.¬†Everyone has experienced pain, loss, […]

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3 weeks ago
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Forgive the Money Trap

It’s something written about and talked about everywhere. No I’m not talking about not sex; not today. I’m talking about money money money. The focus on money. The acquisition of money is everywhere.¬† And in the end; people are broke. People are miserable. A friend of mine shared with me a business conference where the […]

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