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Forgiveness Between You and God

Forgiveness Between You and God

Any relationship is for the people involved. Any relationship between a person and God is between that person and God. It is safe to include the personal relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit too for reference. When it comes to forgiveness; it is about the... read more
7 Things Forgiving People Refuse to Do

7 Things Forgiving People Refuse to Do

Once you live in forgiveness there is no going back; only forward. Forgiving people know what it takes to get there and as such; refuse to accept anything that would be a hindrance to progress. 1.Forgiving people refuse to be distracted. The ability to progress... read more
Deliverance through Forgiveness

Deliverance through Forgiveness

Deliverance comes through many avenues and I remember the time when I just needed to be delivered from myself. I just couldn’t take it any longer. What I didn’t know was that all the time I spent seeking all the other ideas it’s what God revealed to... read more

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