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What is Forgiveness?

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Forgiveness of Other People’s Expectations

People have expectations. Such is life. It’s when people have and place expectations on others that can cause more problems than people realize. What most don’t realize is that most will have an expectation. Society has expectations. Churches have expectations. Companies have expectations. Families too have expectations. None are immune. For me it was a […]

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Is There Forgiveness for Choosing Perpetual Sin?

  Living in sin kills. Period. There is no freedom anywhere found in sin. And it doesn’t matter what the sin is; it kills. Forgiveness and choosing to live in perpetual sin is very dangerous because God’s Word does not change; and there is no mercy for the sins.  And until that revelation is grasped […]

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The Healing Requirement for Forgiveness

Unforgiveness kills. Plain and simple. Many may call it cancer; however, it is a heart condition that spreads like cancer; reaching every single part of a person’s being. Unforgiveness literally kills you. Now that you know this; what is the cure? Well; the most basic and foundation element if you are a follower of Christ […]

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