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What is Forgiveness?


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How Forgiveness is a Spiritual Weapon

In case you aren’t aware; the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. Like a thief in the night you can lose your life- and without even knowing it. The enemy is so vast in his strategies but once you know them; you can defeat him and live in victory. How do I know? God’s […]

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Forgiving Church Leadership

People are people. And people in the church are no different. Life changes when you get this revelation; at least it did for me. It’s a sad day when the truth is revealed. So then how do you handle it when you truly see the devastation caused by those in church leadership? How do you […]

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Forgiveness and the Sociopath

Forgiveness is a challenge for most people and with  good reason. People hurt people and more often hurt people hurt people and being forgiving of that when it’s not deserved is not easy. Forgiveness is a process. Forgiving a psychopath is even more difficult! The good news is that it is doable as God’s Word […]

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