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Freedom is Forgiveness is Freedom

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3 days ago
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Forgiveness in a Community

When people come together for any reason; things happen. People make mistakes and people get hurt.  It’s the nature of people in all our intelligence and glory. Forgiving others in a community will always prove to be a challenge; and one that some may not take to. The mistakes that people make can and do […]

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1 weeks ago
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Suicide Forgiveness

It’s hard to know what goes through the mind of someone who committed suicide as each person and situation is different; along with the outcome. It changes the lives of the living in ways that one can’t truly explain. It just happens and for most; unexpected. Should there be forgiveness? And to whom? Forgiveness in […]

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2 weeks ago
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Forgiveness in Spiritual Abuse: Forgiving God

Forgiveness is a lifestyle. Forgiving God in the realm of spiritual abuse is also part of that lifestyle. It’s a tricky thing for many to comprehend because it’s hard to decipher religion from the abuser, from God. Not only this; most struggle with why God would allow them to be abused in the first place. […]

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