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No  two problems are alike; and the solutions either.  There is no one-size fits all; not with your problems. They are yours- and as unique and quality as you are.

This is why you need someone who understands not only problems; but solutions.  You need someone who sees beyond dollars, divorce and division to something bigger.

You need customized solutions that provide the pathway for you to get through so that you continue to live your high quality life in peace.  This is why you need me. 

-Julie Blair

Professional Spirtual Advisor

Uncover the Secret of Successful Life!

When you exhibit an identity and wholeness, you are in more likely to succeed in business and personal relationships. Whether you are a CEO, investor, or in career transition, recently divorced or single; or in need of a new life direction you have found your advisor.

-Julie Blair

My Mentoring

Providing mentorhip to the leaders of the industries so they can gain their flow

For Companies

Unlocking the companies hidden gems and their keys of success by advising

Successful Stories

Alot of hardword and a patriotic aims for clients made successful stories


Life Coaching in Numbers

Julie Blair has been using her life to help others succeed in theirs; to move beyond hopelessness to hope-filled while empowering them to do the same. With a no-nonsense attitude and a simple common sense approach; she is reaching and influencing the world in a refreshing thought-provoking manner which brings forth transformative change within for manifestation without.

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Life Mentoring

The concept of Life Mentoring is easy to understand, namely mentoring or guidance for life’s journey

Business Consulting

Whether you’re experiencing challenges with company culture, internal processes or need a new business strategy

Training & Workshop

Experience the best trainings & workshops conducted by me and get some nudge knowledge of all of your leaders success

Investment Trade

I can reflet all your skills into the reality by advising the skills into tools and make your success up

Executive Coaching

Specially Excuting training to the successfull leader to make another steps towards thir successfull

Conferencing & Talks

By Conferencings you can earn more knowledge and can deliver the most powerfull knowledge

About Me

Consultant, Coach & Spirtual Advisor

Dr. Julie Blair is a spiritual advisor, professor and consultant with a passion for resolving high quality complex problems in innovative and strategic ways.

Julie Blair has been a guest on The Today Show, Good Morning Texas, and a contributing writer for Colorado &  Company magazine.

She is a testimony of that, like Joseph, circumstances of younger years do not dictate outcome. Her advice and counsel are on point with a point and pointed direction for those who are ready to receive, apply and testify.

"I have been using my life to help other succeed in theirs; to move beyond hopelessness to hope-filled while empowering them to do the same. "

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