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Holiday Forgiveness and You!

The holidays bring cheer for many; however, there are those that detest them and for good reason. That was me. Holiday forgiveness was something that I definitely was in need of.  I had the wrong perspective, attitude and heart toward them. I was hurt and my hurt kept hurting me.  Is this you? Is it […]

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6 days ago
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Does Mark Wahlberg Deserve Forgiveness?

People make mistakes. None are any different.  Childhood mistakes are something that people either forget; or regret. It seems to be one of the two and with the latter comes much bondage. Mark Wahlberg is one such man who is righting his wrongs for his future.  As Mark Wahlberg seeks a pardon, some aren’t ready […]

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2 weeks ago
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Could you Forgive Yourself for This?

There are stories about forgiveness. There are stories of unforgiveness. And then there is this. The story of a woman who attempted to kill her daughter. That is a story. The story of unforgiveness toward self is the part of the story that most don’t want to talk about. Kelli Stapleton can’t forgive herself for […]

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