Transforming Not Conforming

Julie Blair has been using her life to help other succeed in theirs; to move beyond hopelessness to hope-filled while empowering them to do the same. With a no-nonsense attitude and a simple common sense approach; she is reaching and influencing the world in a refreshing thought provoking manner in which brings forth transformative change within for manifestation without.

Abandoned to the Mountaintop

Born to a single mother with no life skills; Julie was abandoned at age 3 and lived in a foster home until age 5 when she was adopted. Although life in her adoptive home was abusive; she learned many life lessons of survival, business and ethics along with the art of manners, grace and elegance. She started her first business in fourth grade and became a published author at age 11.  At age 15 her adoptive parents put her in a homeless shelter to which she applied the lessons she learned and engrained skills helped her to earn a PhD, build an international build business and ministry helping others live in victory.

Tested Trusted Tried and True

Julie Blair has been a guest on The Today Show, Good Morning Texas, and a contributing writer for Colorado & Company magazine. She now shares her messages through television and radio broadcast to approximately 3,5 B daily; giving them hope to endure and believe that with God all things are possible.  She is a testimony of that, like Joseph, circumstances of younger years do not dictate outcome. Her messages are on point with a point and pointed direction for those who are ready to endure in these times and times to come.