Your Future Delivered Through Forgiveness

How does your future look? It is like a breath of fresh air or more like the stock market; not so good? Your future will have a different look to it simply based upon forgiveness. Your future delivered through forgiveness will tell the world where you are and where you are going. Easy as that. So the question is what do you want your future to look like? You can get the better future and through forgiveness what your future will never be the same.

What does this mean? It means that you may be at a fork in the road; and you may or may not know it.  If you are like me; I had no idea! I had no clue 1) that I had unforgiveness, 2) how to deal with it, 3) the impact it would have, 4) that it would be the deliverance that I needed, 5) that a forgiveness and deliverance ministry would have been born out of it. This is what you don’t know when you live in unforgiveness. You can’t know. You can’t know what you need to know because what you need to know is blocked because you haven’t yet removed it and been healed and delivered.  And that is what is keeping you from your real future. Of course it is inclusive of the entire future that God created you for in the first place.

Bottom line is this: if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired it’s time to get real. It’s time to stop playing church. It’s time to stop pretending everything is fine. It’s time to stop placating the message of forgiveness. It’s time to get the fact that unless you deal with it; your future will look like your past. It cannot look like anything else. I am not saying this because it’s funny; but because it’s what I lived. And for far too long!

What it is time for is to be honest, to look in the mirror, to humble thyself and to go before God and ask of Him: “What unforgiveness and it’s symptoms do I have? What in its entirety must I repent of? To whom do I need to forgive?” It is time to get the revelation that unless you understand it in full that there are almost ’40’ symptoms you may have one or two; or if you are like me I had them all and didn’t know it! It’s time to get that your future is waiting for you and it’s up to you to do something about it.

When and only when you grasp that your future is based upon the level of forgiveness you choose will your life change.  It is only when you grasp that reality that you were created for more than what you are probably living right now and that on the other side of unforgiveness is where it is then you can be moving toward the life and its abundance. It’s only when you recognize that Christ died so that you don’t have to live in the wreckage and bondage of life that you can be healed and delivered. It’s when you step up and take the reigns of obedience to Christ will your future come forth and in big ways.

It is when you are on your knees before the Most Holy One being real that you are in fact a sinner and that you are ready for healing, deliverance and forgiveness to reign that your life will change. For me it was two full days of it. I cried the entire time because the pain of my past was so wretched. The horrific things that happened to me I couldn’t bear- and I didn’t have to! You see He died for me. And He died for you too. I was healed and my soul was restored. I was reunited with the Father in the ways unimaginable. My eye color and my voice changed! And this ministry came forth so that you too can be free, delivered and healed through the message of forgiveness. Think about the lives of those whom you will change once you too are on the other side. It will blow your mind. It did mind. And that’s the God we serve!

That wonderful future is there for you. You simply just have to make a choice- life or death. Freedom or bondage. Sure you may try to tell yourself you are fine- and how’s that working out for you? I did it so I know; I get it. I now see through. You may think you are so smart to fool others but fooling yourself is more dangerous and know you can’t fool God. But what you can do is go to Him. You can do that. I know you can. I know too that you can get to the full life that He already has planned for you. And I can tell you too that it’s far better than living in the high rise, sitting in owners boxes of NHL teams, flying in private jets and driving sports cars. It’s better than going to private Bare Naked Ladies concerts and having dinner with the Red Wings or Miami Dolphins; or sharing seats with Paul Newman. It’s better than all that. By far. So today get what’s better for you. Get forgiveness. Get free. Get your future.

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