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When the World Labels You Intolerant

It’s a funny thing what people think of one another. If you are like them you are cool; but yet the minute you aren’t well; you just aren’t so cool. As if that matters right? Your level of coolness is based upon others- while theirs of course is not.
And so in these times if you are a Christian and one with a mouth; and one not afraid of standing up for the entire Bible there will be times when people will come against you. They may call you names and guess what? It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Those words spoken over you ‘not’ Holy Spirit commanded are really just dead words. There is no life so don’t give any life to them. When the world labels you intolerant just rejoice. Rejoice in the Lord for that it means the world knows the Word you stand on!

Stand firm on God’s Word and know that it’s ok to be intolerant. Don’t tolerate sin. Don’t tolerate anything less than God’s full word because the moment you do; your life will be changed. We can look at the change from Adam and Eve when they tolerated disobedience and idol worship. We see what David lost the moment he fell to temptation.
You are the example for someone else and right now at this very moment an answer to a prayer someone else is praying. But if you are too scared of sharing Jesus and His message, too fearful of offending others in His name- then what example are you? If you are too shy then just remove that in the name of Jesus and ask Him to give you the words- and He will. All you have to do is ask. And then share. And finally; be not ashamed of following Jesus and speaking His Words- for no weapon formed against you can come to pass. God bless you brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus. For more about growing in Christ visit

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