Julie Blair Ministries helps people know Jesus. We love empowering and encouraging people to come to know Jesus and to desire to know Him more. Through Julie Blair Ministries people have come to receive baptism in water and Holy Spirit with evidence of tongues. Additionally we are helping people know Jesus and are making disciples by following His commands:

1. Establishing God’s Kingdom on this earth through teaching obedience to Christ. (John 14:23, John 21:19, Mat 4:17, Mark 2:14)

2. Focusing on following Christ in a lifestyle of obedience, love and forgiveness. (Luke 6:27-31, John 20:33, Mat 6:14-15, John 12:26)

3. Spreading the gospel through media and print resources. (Mark 16:15-16)

4. Evangelizing the lost throughout the world. (Mat 4:19, Mat 5:14-16)

5. Training Believers to prepare for their assignments. (John 15:7-8, Luke 9:62)

6. Equipping Believers with the tools to complete their God given assignments. (Mat 7:21-27, Luke 10:2, John 15:7-8, John 15:16)

7. Educating people on God’s Word for everyday living, overcoming and application. (Mat 24:4-6, Luke 12:15, Luke 12:22-23)

8. Preparing Christians for a life of pursuing spiritual maturity. (Mat 7:13-14, Mat 10:22, Mat 5:6)

9. Empowering Believers to increase their faith. (John 20:27, Mat 11:28, Mark 5:36, Mark 11:22-25, Mat 7:20)

10. Embracing others in the love of Christ. (John 15:17, John 13:34-35)

11. Delivering seminars for healing and restoration of the total man. (John 14:1)