What to do While Waiting

There is nothing fun or enjoyable about waiting in most cases. Some love the anticipation and joy of what is to come as in waiting the 9 months for the birth of the baby. For others it’s the ‘When God when’; as in when will I get promoted, when will I be the bride instead of the bridesmaid, when will it be my turn to shine. Regardless of what it is there is much to learn about what to do while waiting and much to come for those who wait.

  1. Waiting is forward motion. The time of waiting isn’t just for sitting and doing nothing; oh no. There is much to do and growth to take place. What happens with many people is that they just give up before they get breakthrough and then never actually reach the pinnacle of what God has for them. It’s sad to see because I bet many Believers would be living more fulfilling lives if only they went forward with God instead of ringing out to date and settle for the wrong person, job; life. Imagine if Queen Esther didn’t continue her preparation to be the queen and she just decided to ring out because it was just too hard. No- she sought where she was going and didn’t just sit and put all the responsibility on God. She didn’t take control but rather she moved at a proper pace within her time of waiting.
  2. Waiting is preparation. During the time of waiting there is something to be doing so that when the time arrives you are not trying to go back and complete what should have been done in the first place. Could you imagine not having enough time to be read for the new baby to arrive? The time of waiting is preparation in anticipation of what is to come. In the book of Ruth we see where she positioned herself to be prepared for Boaz. She was always doing something on her way to doing something. She was progressing in the environment she was in getting herself prepared for the future that became her present. If you are single what are you doing while waiting? Does your home reflect the readiness of that spouse or are you just enjoying your life as a career single person? Are you preparing yourself for the job upon graduation so you don’t have to go back and try to get prepared? Waiting is not doing nothing and expecting everything. Ruth had plenty of reasons to just do nothing; yet she prepared for her future and a future in the entirely unknown.

3. Waiting isn’t God’s denial. Waiting is not easy. For most it’s not enjoyable either. For so many years I struggled with waiting as I love getting to the destination rather than the journey. I believed for so long that God just was withholding all the good in m life and I struggled with how a God so good just would withhold when it’s contrary to His Word. I started to resent Him and in many ways because all I could see was that each day was going by and the only thing that still remained; was that I was still waiting. Then I learned that in the time of waiting God knows better than I. He has the plan and it’s in His time when it’s to be executed. I am reminded of how long Abraham and Sarah waited for their baby and while it was a long time- God delivered.

Having a change of perspective about waiting is hard. It is beyond challenging at times and it’s especially hard when it seems like every day is just like the previous yet the only thing difference is that you are one day older but here me clearly on this: God has a plan for you that can only be done His Way. If you want all of what God has for you it will require you to stand firm; and stand firm to the end. It will require strength and it will require your mind to be rightly aligned with Him so that He can deliver as only He can.

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Dr. Julie Blair is president of Julie Blair ministries; helping people live lives of love and forgiveness; and the victory that comes with it in Christ.

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