What is your Master?

I was thinking about how easy is is to serve more than one master without even realizing it.Sure the obvious right; money and bla bla. But what about the others? Are you being mastered by your television? Football? Well sure the Superbowl is just around the corner? Not your flavor? Well; just wait two months and March Maddness will be here. Or better yet about ¬†your food- which by the way I learned that people who live in Dallas eat more food and consumer more liquor than anywhere in the US; and then finally are you being mastered by your hate of others or unforgiveness toward people who have hurt you or just aren’t like you? Is bitterness your drink of choice? How about resentment? The enemy makes it so simple to serve him and most are so unsuspecting because it’s just considered ‘normal’. Better be careful of letting what is not normal become your normal.

See; anything that rules you that is not of God will kill you. Period. Sin kills. It destroys. Look around. People, communities, cities and nations are falling fast because they chose to serve the wrong master. Phoenix, AZ just chose to athiest  group to pray before the invocation, Detroit has the Baphomet statue for all to see and worship, and the State of OK recently removed the 10 Commandments from its buildings. Their master is being revealed along with the consequences of their choices. The good news is that you have the power and authority in Jesus Christ to make change for His Kingdom- should you be so willing. I pray you are a servant to the One and only who is and is to come as your life will be spared.Choose life. Choose forgiveness. Choose love. And live. I would much rather live in love in heaven than die of hatred in hell- how about you?

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