What Happens when You Repent?.!

Repentance is a funny thing people don’t like to hear or talk about; like taking trips to see the in-laws.  The problem is that the problem doesn’t go away if you don’t address it. You can’t sweep something under the rug and think that there won’t eventually be a pile of stuff under the rug. So the question is what happens when you repent?

Your mind changes. When you recognize that God is the One who determines what sin is and isn’t and you make the choice to align your mind with God’s Word; then your life will change in the right direction. Everything begins in the mind and we can see as far back as Adam and Eve. They allowed their stinking thinking to cause the turmoil that we all are born into.  Acts 3:19 gives us the clear directives and getting to the refreshing and it starts with ‘Repent’ and ‘seek forgiveness’ so that ‘times of refreshing’ may come. With no repentance there is no forgiveness or refreshing. Our country reflects right now absolutely no repentance of fear of God. A mind changed toward repentance can fix that.

Your heart changes. When you repent your heart will change and in ways that you can’t imagine. Your heart wasn’t created to carry the burden and sin and all the things not of God; it just wasn’t. Because your body cannot go where your mind hasn’t been; the heart change will come after the mind makes the choice. A softened heart is one that God can work with. Psalms 32 is a great example of when King David repented to the Lord for his affair with Bathsheba. If you read the scripture carefully you won’t find where King David repented to Bathsheba; but rather to the Lord and his heart was changed. When things aren’t right with the heart; nothing else is right.

Your life changes. And of course if you choose to not repent your life will change; just probably not in the way you would like. In the story of Hannah we see where she wanted a baby more than anything and it was once she let go of her bitterness that her life changed; God gave her a baby! Now; it would make sense with bitterness that she wasn’t able to get pregnant since bitterness causes brittle bones; yet her story is a great testimony of healing, restoration, blessings, miracles and generations born.

If you want to grow in Christ repent for the things you have done; and you probably know what those deep dark hidden things are. Don’t allow the shame, guilt, condemnation or remorse keep you backpeddling. Just go to Jesus and let it all out; repent, seek forgiveness and let those times of refreshing come. Do it while you still can as I am quite certain you won’t regret it.

Julie Blair is President of Julie Blair Ministries that helps people worldwide grow in Christ. To learn more about going deeper in Christ or to have Julie speak to your church or business visit www.julieblair.com

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