What Could You Do?

The storm hit Dallas and lingered for longer than anyone truly expected. It’s on its way east and north and will do its damage there too. Another one is expected to come again. It shouldn’t be a shock as it is winter; and also I blogged a few months ago that it was reported more than once that this wold be the coldest and stormiest winter on record. We shall see how we fare and ask how have you fared?

Were you prepared? Did you have your extra supply of everything? Was your pantry stocked? Generator ready just in case? Extra flashlights, blankets, water; the necessities? For most probably not. It’s just the weather right? What struck me in this storm is some of the news reports and what I saw in in action.

What was nice was to see the report on the news was people trying to help each other out of the ice in the middle of the road. That’s dangerous 1) to be out there in the first place, 2) even more dangerous to get out of a vehicle to help others when it’s clear no one knows how to drive on ice. It’s a blessing that those good samaritans didn’t get hit! The story was nice and begs the question why it has to be a tragedy or storm that brings people together?

On the other side; I noticed that neighbors where I live weren’t really out helping each other. They were out; but not not helping one another. If you recall when you were a kid neighbors were out, they shoveled the walks of their elderly neighbors; they checked on one another. Where have these days gone? Perhaps you are fortunate to live in one such neighborhood. I have asked others that I know how many of their neighbors they saw or offered help; or that they helped and not one said they interacted with anyone. Nope. Everyone just kept to themselves. Sad.

I have to say that it struck a chord with me. I admit that I wasn’t one who had to have all the ice cleared to get to work Monday morning so I didn’t think much about it; and that’s the problem. I didn’t think. I didn’t look outward enough to see that I have neighbors who would have benefited from my help. I have neighbors that I could have done something more. I’m sure you do too.

You never know when you will need someone next to you. Sure you may be blessed with a husband and kids but what about those who are single, elderly; or not able? Who are they relying on? Wouldn’t it be nice to know your neighbor and know that while you may not have much to offer; your something small is better than nothing large?

I can certainly tell you that never again am I going to put myself in a position to not be of help to others. It’s not that I wasn’t there if needed; but in reality I didn’t make myself available which essentially is the same thing. How about you? What could you have done or be doing-0r get prepared to do for someone else? Maybe it’s have an extra snow shovel on hand, salt for the driveway, or even loaf of bread; it doesn’t matter what it is it’s more of the fact that you are forward thinking of others instead of reactive thinking of yourself.

It’s a lesson to learn and in some ways an embarrassing one; although one that is definitely life changing. And wouldn’t we all benefit from what we could do and a little life change?