Unforgiveness is a Choice

The choice to forgive is a choice. The choice to not forgive is also choice.  Most do not recognize that by not choosing to forgive they are choosing unforgiveness. Unforgiveness and holding it is a choice.  How many people live in that realm? Perhaps you.

What is the solution? Simple.  Make the choice. Decide in your mind that you are going to forgive. And then do it. It would make no sense to think about forgiving and then never do it. It would be like thinking about going to the gym but not doing so; and then getting mad because you lost no weight.

So if forgiveness starts with a choice but where does the choice come from? The mind. You have the power within you dear friend. You have the power:

1- to choose what you are going to do.

2- to choose to disallow the sins of others to burden you.

3- to live your life in freedom in forgiveness.

4- to reveal to others where your heart is.

5- to show love to others through the act of forgiveness.

Now don’t get me wrong; forgiveness is about self. It is about internal peace and freedom. If you want the full package it will only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Freedom in the choice to forgive will change not only your future choices; but who you are. It will change how you interact with others. It will change your perception of others and of yourself. Forgiveness will change you, your family and even your country. The one thing though; is that it starts with your choice. And your choice to be a forgiver starts in your mind. Make up your mind today to be a forgiver. And then experience positive life change.