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Understanding the Weapon of Rest

Rest is one of the biggest tools to be used if understood properly. It is evidenced in today’s society that this is not the case as working 130 hours and sleeping in a cube while the norm for some; is truly not sustainable for any type of normal or quality of life. The weapon of rest on the other hand; will prove much more sustainable and even to greater lengths; if that rest is found in the Lord. For without Him there is no such thing.

When I understood the weapon of rest my life changed. It changed entirely because my strength in the Lord increased and my vanity decreased. When there is no rest in the Lord there is simply toil and vanity and all is vanity so says King Solomon. And so the question is what really is going on here in today’s society that it is so highly thought of to either work 130 or more hours per week or boast about that? What is the expected outcome other than tiredness and exhaustion; and loss of life. What is the ultimate goal of rising at 4am if not to spend time with the Lord? That too is vanity and chasing after the wind; and in the end what will you have to show for your chasing? What really will you have?

When we examine Genesis 2:3 we see it clearly that God rested for it is written: “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it; because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. (KJV) Understand that 1) God created everything and everything in everything, 2) God didn’t need to rest because He is God, 3) God created ‘rest’, 4) God does everything on purpose with purpose, 5) God doesn’t make mistakes.

When you understand that rest is one of the greatest weapons and how to rest in Him you won’t fall prey to the so called experts dying to prove something for a world that doesn’t care. You will recognize that a life resting in the Lord will bring more peace, more success; more solitude than any 100 hour work week at any time of the year. You will understand that success really isn’t what you always thought it to be but that in reality you were living in a warped world with a warped sense of accomplishment and identity and as such; you will need and find rest and be better for it.

The world loves to ostracize those who rest or rather those who don’t do what they are doing; comparable to those who write checks or use cash but let it be known that if God rested and created rest there is a reason.  If you want to increase your hearing from the Lord simply stop. Rest. Listen.

When there is no rest there is not peace to the full. When there is no rest there is no ability to actually reflect on anything; how could there be because there is no time. The frantic hurried pace of accomplishing must go on! As a result the understanding of time and space in relation to anything is gone and for no reason. Without rest the here and now is simply nonexistent because there isn’t one because it too has passed. Without rest there is no growth; only a quicker death that can’t even be seen or experienced. And that is not a life God would want for anyone; not even you.

The weapon of rest is one of the most important weapons a Believer can have; of course in addition to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; angels (not to worship) Bible etc. etc. and it’s when it’s understood how to use the weapon of rest in your own life everything will change. You will change.

The ways of the world are wicked and the days are marked with evil. There is no rest in any of it. The trap of the world is large; ready to catch if you don’t stop to see it. The world must toil because of the earth curse but brothers and sisters you do not have to. You do not have to live a life where you are simply existing to serve the wrong master; the one of death and disaster. You are called for something much higher.  And if you do not stop and use the weapon that the Lord has already given you and follow what He did; you won’t have it or anything else to use for it will be too late. And in the end wouldn’t it be a shame to rise at 4am every day for nothing?

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