The Weapon of Patience

Society is changing and in reality has just plain gone mad. Everyone moves at a frantic pace trying to accomplish everything in an instant and most often without thought. Everything is needed 5 minutes ago regardless of what time it is. Understanding the weapon of patience your life will change; and in ways you can’t imagine.

I never was a patient person. Not at all. My nickname was New Yorker because of the pace I moved at; which was contrary to that of those in Denver. I simply believed it was that everyone around me was just high and I was the one moving with purpose. I even found it irritating in NYC all the people who just had to stop and look up; do it somewhere else! Move out of the way. People often believe New Yorkers are rude; no they are just misunderstood is all. And so I was the leader of the impatience pack and either move with more or be moved out of the way. The problem is that it isn’t the manner in which God moves at. Haste makes waster and in reality impatience is just that. When God revealed to me the great weapon of patience my life forever changed.

You see; patience as a weapon gives you much more than you think. It gives time of reflection, steady movement forward, an increased in hearing from the Lord. It gives you a strategy that cannot come otherwise. It is a growth in wisdom. It yields greater results and it changes not only personal interactions; but the results of them. It brings experience that those without the weapon demonstrate they don’t have. It; the weapon of patience is a gamer changer.

People typically are not accustomed to patience. Not in today’s society. There is no time for patience when websites need to be built, the deal must be done; and the ladder must be climbed. Society has attempted to remove what patience people had and the results are proving disastrous. The invasion of text messages for instant results removes the face to face interaction and that; what is needed to be seen is lost. The pace of shoving food down ones throat without even knowing what it is is obviously noticed in the waist size of Americans; which over the last 5 years has grown and has no reason to decline. The stress and strain that impatience is placing upon families is seen in divorce; whether in or out of the church.

The weapon of patience brings an understanding of the world around you. It brings noticeable results that one simple cannot get while rushing to boast of 100 hour workweeks. Much in life is lost when impatience and ‘now’ reign. You see; even the Lord rested. He does everything with purpose yet still stands so patient with every person knowing that as they continually seek Him that patience will endure.

The weapon of patience is built on love for it is written in 1 Corinthians 13: 4 that “Love is patient”. So when you use the weapon of patience you are walking and living in love; which will accomplish more than anything else that you can acquire.

When you grasp the reality that patience is a weapon to be used to your advantage you will see more, achieve more, sell more; and in the end become more. You will find that while people are toiling faster and faster impatiently to their deaths you my dear friend will see the harvest of patience because you will still be standing to see it.

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