Understanding Forgiveness as Deliverance

Many people believe that forgiveness is just something to do in passing; yet God’s Word gives us so much more. Understanding forgiveness as a type of deliverance will help you grow in Christ and live in the fullness of what He has for you. If you are wanting to expand your territory for the Lord, live in increase; be free from internal clutter there is no better way than to be delivered than by forgiving. Unforgiveness is plaguing our society and yet people recognize it not. It’s symptoms of bitterness, hatred, resentment; and turn away from the Lord are just some of the almost 40 symptoms keeping people in bondage.

I share some of my personal testimony of the years of abuse I endured and how the Lord healed and restored me and I pray in Jesus name that it helps someone else who has ever been abused; whether sexual, satanic ritual, physical, verbal, emotional, or psychological. God’s Word reigns supreme regardless of what you have gone through. While forgiving certainly was not easy; it did prove that forgiveness is a type of deliverance and because His word never returns void there is a testimony that gives Him all the glory.