Your Ultimate Weapon for Survival

Look around; times are changing. People are changing; the world is changing. No longer are the things that once were reality for today. Gone are the days of leaving your home or vehicle with the door unlocked. Gone are the days of most people carrying cash. Gone are the days of the votes of people counting for something. Gone are the days of people reading maps. And; gone are the days where more people went to church than left. In this day it is time to be prepared and know what your weapon of choice is. Sure you may have the Springfield .45 or the Kimber; or even that sweet AR 15 but so what? What good will it do you when you have no more ammunition? How then will you survive? You need something better, sturdier; stronger, more protective and resilient in any times. You need stronger, better, infinite in all ways. You simply need to be in relationship with Jesus Christ. And through Him; love for there is no other way.

You see; Jesus has been through it all and He came for you. For you! He came to set the captives free and the only way to be free is through Him. You may take your own path; but a good intelligent path is not the God path of wisdom. Your path may have some man-made created routes that will suffice for a time; but what about when time runs short? What then? Your relationship with Jesus will withstand the times of anything. Are you ready? Are you pursuing?

It isn’t about a ‘what if’ scenario any longer but rather a ‘how do I walk in love’ daily in Christ scenario because what if is pure extrapolation in the mind. The events are already occurring on a global scale. Russia invades, men boast; microchipping is increasing and yet the same call from Christ is still the same. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” (Luke 10:27)  There is a reason why this is written. Plainly put- it is what will be your protection in any and all days; always.

As we examine where we are and where we are going; it is beyond time yet still time to love one another. We must. We must for ourselves, for our children and their children; and for the call of those who are called followers of Christ; or Believers; or Saints. It is through love in Christ that the entire world can and must be changed. It is time that each of us lay down our hate and pick up our Bibles. (and read them) It is time that we turn off the media’s focus and attention on segregation and separation and starting grow in love for that is where we all will see that none are any different. We all are the same; men, women; the same.

So it begs the question: what are you willing to do? What are you willing to fight for? A loaf  of bread? A new i-phone? Or how about a changed heart in the name of Jesus that will move every mountain and break barriers that brings the experience of God to every person you encounter?

It begins with me and it begins with you. When the hearts of people are changed; everything else changes too. One need to look at Hitler and see the devastation of that change in heart or one can focus on Jesus and become more like Him and as a result; change the world one person at a time through love. And that will be the weapon that will last longer than any other weapon you could ever have in your artillery.