Choosing Not to Chase

In a flip flipped world it’s hard to know what to do. The feminist movement really messed things up for both ladies and gents. How you ask? Well; the role reversal keeps everyone confused.

It used to be that a man asked a woman out. He made the plans and picked her up to take her on the date. He greeted her at the door with flowers, opened the car door; and paid for the date.  He was a gentleman. He may or may not go in for the kiss at the end of the night; but that was left to anticipation. Now; that isn’t what occurs.

Instead; we are left with women making the charge and doing it all. Hail to the women out there! Who needs to wait for a man to ask her out? What woman has the time? ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that’! Why let a man open the car door? Can’t he see how large her biceps and triceps are? Can’t he just sit there and let her show off her billfold and pay too? I am woman- hear me roar!

It’s an interesting thing really because if men treated women like the men they behave like we would have a revolution! Most women certainly would not like it and the level of harassment cases would skyrocket.  Not only this; most men don’t want to date men. Sure there are those that do but you get where I am going with this.

So this leads me to ask: what is up with the chase? What is up with men enjoying being men and women being men?

I used to think that feminism was the issue; however, it’s much much deeper than this. I will share more once I am finished with my research; it’s taking a while.

Today; it’s the question of the chase. Why ladies; not let the man chase?  Why not enjoy it? It seems that with the women doing all the chasing that men are left with nothing to do.  Women text, call, make the plans, put out on the first or third date- and then complain he won’t commit. Commit to what? A smothering woman who doesn’t understand him?  Can you imagine all the deer and elk just walking up to the hunters and bowing their heads to them to be shot with that oh so beautiful .35 Whelen bolt action? Of course not right?  They run so they can get caught!  Men go out and do what they do- hunt! Ladies it’s time for you to get caught. How about that?

If you meet that wonderful man who says he will call; give him a chance. Give him the chance to follow through. Give him the chance to be the man. Give him the chance to realize that you are different. Give him the chance to hunt. Give him the chance to show you that he is interested. Give him the chance to show you he is the man.

You don’t want to blow it by taking control. You don’t want to blow it by being over aggressive. You don’t want to blow it by taking away the time he needs to get in place to call you. Why overpower him to get what you want when you want it?

Is it difficult? Of course it is! There is the anticipation of knowing that just yesterday you have had an absolutely fantastic time with him. It was beyond what you ever had planned for your day.  You loved how good he smelled, the twinkle in his eye; and how he studied you like a beautiful painting. You loved every minute of it. You loved how inspiring the conversation was; his boyish charm was and just how his personality shines like nothing you have ever seen before.  You loved how he brushed his leg against yours at the table with a soft smile. You loved how he took your hand in his during the movie and how awesome it made you feel. All of it was just perfect.

He ended the night with a kiss that was just right. He said he would call. That was it. He said he would call.

Why not believe him? Why not just from that point on go about your life and know that you are who you are and that you are ok with it.  You are a good woman with value. Remember; your identity is not made up of a man that you just met. Your identity is much more than this. Those of who you have identity in Christ relish in that. You are a child of the most high God and that is all you need.

Be patient. He will call. He will. Sometimes it may take longer than you like; but remember it isn’t always about you. Give him a chance. You will be glad you did.  And if for some reason he doesn’t call; you still have your identity and know who you are. See; no matter of how good of a woman you are you will never be enough for a man who is not ready.  You are still fabulous.  You are the winner either way.  Final thoughts ladies: don’t be a woman who needs a man; be a woman a man needs. You both will be glad you are!