Three Health Benefits of Forgiveness

When it comes to forgiveness; there is much that people do not understand. The health benefits of forgiveness is just one area of forgiveness that changes people’s lives. What occurs internally is reflected externally; therefore dealing with the unforgiveness and its symptoms will not only change your health but your life too.

Some basic health benefits of forgiveness are:

1. Lower blood pressure. When a person lives in unforgiveness even the mention of the person or situation that brought the unforgiveness brings an increase in blood pressure. The very thought of what occurred in the past is where it begins and it’s rooted in still living in unforgiveness. When unforgiveness is dealt with to the full; any mention of a person or past situation will have no impact of change to blood pressure or emotional flare-up.

2. Less depression. Unforgiveness keeps people in a state of depression. Why? Because unforgiveness keeps people living and focusing on people and events of the past; all of which are not the most pleasing or happy. When time is given to negative and hurtful things in your mind it will then progress to behaviors, actions and attitudes toward it. If you want to get free from depression; forgive.

3. Less arthritis. Arthritis has been linked to unforgiveness. The spill over of bitterness is also deep rooted because bitterness is spiritual poison.  When the joints and bones start rotting there is a clue that something spiritual is taking place. What you see coming out of a person is from within. Psalm 31:10 “For my life is spent with sorrow, my years with sighing. My strength fails because of my iniquity [guilt]. My bones are wasted away.”

Making forgiveness your lifestyle should be a priority; moreso than taking any medication that merely masks it. Forgiveness will change your life. For me the benefits are huge! My eye color and my voice changed once I dealt with all the unforgiveness that plagued my life for decades. My relationships have changed for the better as has my health. So I ask you: how is your health? If you want better health then start forgiving. Ask the Lord and Holy Spirit to reveal to you where that unforgiveness is; and to whom you need to forgive. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking you are so above it- as that too will only lead you to your own path of destruction. Get forgiving and get the healing that will free you and your future!