What Are You Thinking?

It’s been said if you ask a man what he’s thinking and he says ‘nothing’; he isn’t lying.  It must be nice to be a man and have that much space to be in position to think about nothing. Most women have not yet mastered the idea of thinking nothing or that they actually can do it.

The question then is: ‘what are you thinking about?’ Do you even know? Perhaps you are not getting to the life that you truly want because the thoughts in your head are creating too much clutter.

A few ways to combat the thoughts and get over the stinking thinking are:

1- Know what you are thinking about. Most people don’t even realize what it is they think about and when they get it; it’s a shock! It would be no different than listening to and singing raps songs only to realize they are all about things that you say you don’t stand for!

2- Forgive. By forgiving someone who hurt you; the thoughts about what that person did will be gone. Gone too will be the resentment, bitterness, anger; and even revenge thoughts. Your mind, body and soul will be at peace to allow you to think on much better and positive things to move you in the direction you want to go. The emotional baggage will only hold you back and weigh you down in the end!

3- Prioritize your activities. If you try to do all things at one time you won’t be as successful as you would be doing one thing at a time. While years ago mastering multi-tasking was a good thing; studies continue to reveal that those who do aren’t nearly as focused or productive. This makes sense as how can one be productive with only 30% of focus going to one thing at a time? It takes longer to get one thing done and by prioritizing items there is more focus toward that one thing which clears out all the rest of the mind clutter. There are less geniuses in the world today because of lack of prioritizing and ability to concentrate. Create a system that works for you so that you can accomplish more and not get bogged down with extra thoughts. It doesn’t have to be complicated; just what works for you.

4- Breathe and Relax. By including breathing and relaxing into your day you will increase the balance in you life. There is nothing wrong with taking a 10 minute walk to clear your mind. Deep breathing exercises are known to help many while others simply go and pray and return refreshed. It’s ok to not be superman or woman!

5- Create Positive Daily Thinking Habits. It takes work to not be defeated by the thoughts in your mind. It takes work to not be overwhelmed by rude people, those who can’t drive; and everything else that comes with the world we live in. It is a choice to think about what you think about and it’s just as easy to create a good habit of thought patterns as it is a bad one.  What you think you are you are.

These are just some simple tips to get you started. When you really see what thoughts you have allowed in you may see the need for change. There is a big world of living to do and there is no reason to be defeated by your mind. Get out of the rut of stinking thinking and be forever changed by new thoughts and patterns! There is no reason to be defeated and living in clutter when it’s just as easy to be productive and free.