The Time of Forgiveness

There is a time for everything and everything in its time. God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. What He did during the time on the 7th day in terms of rest is left to speculation but rest assured; it was His time. When it comes to forgiveness it too has a time.

In Ecclesiastes 3:1 it tells us: ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens’ which must include forgiveness because it is a command right? Everything is inclusive of all things. We know there is a time for peace and a time for war; a time to tear down and a time to build. And we must grasp in its entirety what that means; else we lose out and in more ways that most can imagine. Forgiveness in many ways is a tearing down and building up as you are tearing down what once was so that what is new can be begin.

You see; there is a time to forgive, be forgiven, and seek forgiveness. The time is now. Yes this very moment and not any time sooner or later.  The time is not when you get around to it; or when you think someone else should step up to the plate. No no. There never is not the time now when forgiveness is a command therefore it is always time. You may think that it is on your time; except it will become very challenging to live the life that God has for you on your terms. So your time must be on God’s- and forgiveness is all the time. 

Do not treat forgiveness like laundry. Do not attempt it at the latest time possible and only because you don’t feel like going to Wal Mart to buy another 3 pack and so laundry it is. Don’t do that. Many people live their lives this way and what happens is that they and everyone around them and everyone around them too; suffer the consequences. And all just because you wanted what you wanted on your time with no regard for the time around you or the time ahead of you; or the time that you are in. And guess what? You are not most people.  Therefore; you cannot live to the ways and means of others or in their time. There is something better for you. And to get it you must act now. 

What happens with the mindset of forgiving when you feel like it means you never will; like cleaning the garage. Most people don’t truly ever feel like forgiving; especially when they fell unjustified in even needing to do so in the first place. Don’t fall into that trap.  Regardless of what people feel like does not change the fact that forgiveness is a command and yes a choice; but so is life or death. In choosing life it is a choice to choose what comes with it and in the time that it is set to be. While forgiveness may be a process and a healing one at that; does not mean that it is something to be waited to do after your favorite program, after you get married and divorced; or after the Detroit Lions win the Superbowl but rather a lifestyle to achieve and with urgency. The time is now. You never know what will be lost in the time that you chose to not forgive. So don’t wait to find out. Find out all of what happens and will continue to happen when you forgive. Make forgiveness now. Do it for you, do it for those around you; and do it to demonstrate your love and obedience to Christ. Do it now; and then live and bask in it forever. 

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