The Solution is in the Bible

If you want the turnaround in your life it requires obedience to God’s Word. Period. If you want a solution to the problems in the wonderful USA it will require repentance and forgiveness. Period. You cannot add sin to the pure Word of God and think that you will get God’s best. This cannot happen, is not happening and will not happen-ever. God is worth more than the sin people want to live in. ┬áThose that are attempting to do so are simply revealing which side they are on and it’s very clear is it not that of God.

It’s time to humble ourselves before the Almighty and do so before it is too late. Acts 3:19 is very clear ‘Repent, and seek forgiveness, so that times of refreshing may come.’ No times of refreshing come ‘before’ humbling. They can’t. God does not and will not bow down to the sin that you want to live in and why should He? He created you remember?

And so in these times the rewards that come through seeking forgiveness are vast. I am here and that’s how I know what is on the other side of forgiveness. But if you wish to deny the fullness of forgive that by the way; can ‘only’ come through Jesus you will live in less than what He initially planned for you. You see; forgiveness is between you and God and when you go to everyone else but Him you miss the entire point. It is not your neighbor or the pope that has any authority to wash your sins away. None. So it’s time now to get that your life to come is based upon your willingness to align yourself with God’s Word. My prayer for you in the name of Jesus is that you would want Him more than you want to keep the sin that is killing you. And rest assured He is the only one who can save you. No other dead god or government entity can. Best to just overcome your flesh and do so now while you still can. You have nothing to lose and a life to gain!

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