The Power of Monday

Most people dread Mondays!  It’s traffic, being late, back to the routine of life and all the other stuff that people experience. The weekend is over and now it’s back to the grind; bla bla.  It’s all in the thought process- every single bit of it. You can just as easily dread Tuesday. It would make more sense as there are less programs to look forward to watching if you watch tv. It’s just one of those days. Now Mondays are good. They just are.  Say it with me: “Mondays are great!”  Say it with me!  I knew you could do it.

Here are 5 reasons why Monday’s are awesome:

1- You are one step closer to your dream, vision; or goal. Last week is gone so why not celebrate Monday and have a positive attitude about it? Forgive yourself for what you didn’t accomplish over the weekend and go forward!  If you dread it then that is what you will breed. Why not breed something wonderful and fantastic?!

2- You may not be where you want to be; but you aren’t where you used to be. Most people look forward to Friday all the while missing the reality that most of what is going to get them to their ultimate dreams typically starts on Monday and ends Friday. Make every day the day that you are living in the movement of forward progression. If you don’t know where you are going write it down. Seek the Lord for His purpose for you. Habakkuk 2:2 tells us: ‘“Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.” Make today the day you do!

3- It’s the start of a new week; unless you start your week on Sunday. New beginnings are always wonderful. It’s your chance to start them the way that you want- so how do you want to start your week?

4- For men: Monday night football. For women: The Voice.  Or really anything else.

5- If you are experiencing it it means that you are still alive. Isn’t that one reason enough?

Bottom line is that if you are constantly looking forward to any other day but the one you are living and experiencing you are never really experiencing life at the moment you are living it. You are worth more than looking past one moment to get to another one when you have all the wonderful moments to make right in front of you. It’s time to stop focusing on the specific day a few from now and start focusing on the life you have to live right in front of you; regardless of what day it is.

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