The Independent Choice: Self or Him

The story of Hannah provides us much to reflect on. It is one where you can be like her in the beginning or the end- it’s your choice. But rest assured if you try in all your own strength you will fail. Why? Because God’s Word tells us that apart from Him we can do no good thing. (John 15:5) How hard it must have been for her to desire something so much and yet get it; that is until she surrendered. You may think that you are so smart investing in the stock market; and when it fully collapses what will you have? Anger toward God? Bitterness of the loss when in reality you just didn’t listen to God Almighty? Surrender to Him now. The reality is that you have nothing to lose and if you don’t; well you will lose and more than you know.

You see; you can’t have it both ways: serving yourself and God at the same time. You must choose. Hannah finally got the memo and guess what? It was ‘God’ who blessed her with a baby. No one else. No dead god or universe will bless you. It can’t. It doesn’t even know you! But the God who created you and knows every hair on your head can! It is always God and if you deny His ways then you will live with the consequences. It doesn’t matter if you are one individual or one nation turning your back on Him will prove to be disastrous- and one only need to look around and see the devastation surrounding us.

The good news is that there is still time! Who knows how long but rest assured if you do what Hannah did and repent and seek forgiveness; times of refreshing may come. Her bitterness left her ‘and then’ she became pregnant. Now- this would make sense right because bitterness rots the bones so in reality how would she be able to carry a baby to term with bitter bones? But if you choose to be independent and pride yourself for it you will fall. And why fall on your face when you can stand on God’s Word and live to tell about it?

It’s a wake up call for each of us to recognize that regardless of the amount of wisdom you think you have; you don’t. You did not create yourself and you really are not the best thing since sliced bread and when that sinks in and you understand that it isn’t about you but about Him your life will change. When I got over myself and all my accolades of man made ideas and trophies everything changed. Remember that on judgment day there simply won’t be a trophy or stupid ribbon given to you just because you were born. God is a just God and if you don’t choose to show up you won’t reap the rewards. Choose Him now.