The Healing Requirement for Forgiveness

Unforgiveness kills. Plain and simple. Many may call it cancer; however, it is a heart condition that spreads like cancer; reaching every single part of a person’s being. Unforgiveness literally kills you. Now that you know this; what is the cure? Well; the most basic and foundation element if you are a follower of Christ is quite simple. What is it? What could possibly heal one of what is causing death and destruction? God’s Word. And following God’s Word; else what would be the point? Too many people today have missed the latter although it goes like this:

Repent. Sure you may say of what but let me first provide supporting scripture. Acts 3:19 makes it very clear: “Repent and then seek forgiveness so that times of refreshing may come. ” (NKJ) Now the NIV puts it this way: “19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,” so either way you put it- there is something for ‘you’ to do. Repent of harboring the unforgiveness because otherwise God’s Word would not say to start there. If you have nothing wrong then the verse would need not be there.   Refusing to repent causes what is there to continue to be there and spread in ways you can’t possibly imagine.  The times of refreshing come ‘after’ repentance so it reads. It’s quite simple. Follow the steps if you want the desired outcome. It’s a two part step with an outcome.

What occurs spiritually in a person manifests itself physically and that is your choice. What are you allowing to rule you? God’s Word is also true in Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” There is a command of what not to do and secondly; there is another command of what to do- oh and again with the outcome of it.

See; God’s Word is the same yesterday and forever. Society is not. And so when you read God’s Word it is very clear that Believers are not to conform to the pattern of the world but be ‘transformed’ by the renewing of the mind. Now- God’s Word would not give a command to do something unless it was possible for it to be done. There is a means of renewing the mind. Apostle Paul would not have talked about such things if he did not know. Scientists and doctors like Caroline Leaf would not share that when you align your mind with scripture your life changes. Your brain is required and the electrons in it are reprogrammed as what is not of God is replaced with what is of God.  In essence we need more of God’s Word and truth for healing and less drugs; but I digress.

And so it goes unforgiveness isn’t only a heart condition but also a sin. It is sin against God which is why repentance is required. It does not matter what anyone has done to you; but what you do about it. Period. And again; God’s Word reads ‘repent’. This is the first place to start because harboring unforgiveness is as I said a sin but also a silent killer.

Unforgiveness has almost 40 symptoms. Yes- 40! Yet most people never get past anger or resentment to recognize how deep unforgiveness goes into the entire body and being of who they are. Let’s include just for fun bitterness, separation from God, blocked blessings; just to name a few. And this is how your life is wrecked. See; you have an assignment. When you live in unforgiveness it keeps you from living it out. And too many people are not living out their assignments from God because they are too busy dying of unforgiveness. Don’t let that be you!

Once you understand howunforgiveness takes over the body and every single aspect of it- you will want to get rid of all of and quick! Let it be known that most of what people have internally is only able to be revealed through the power of God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit. Hence; why we all need a savior and relationship with Christ. How do I know? Because when I had to go through God’s full process of forgiveness my eye color changed and my voice changed. God gave me the revelation from His Word about how deep this truly is and my prayer for you is that you would not wait another day thinking you are free of unforgiveness when probably deep down there has been something lingering. This is not psychotherapy or anything else as anything not of God is simply not of God and never can be of God.

Should you be sick and tired of being sick and tired and want healing in the full it’s time to get real- and quick. It’s time to stop allowing yourself to be a victim focusing on what others have done that they probably don’t even have a clue that they’ve done. It’s time to grasp that reality that God’s Word is real and true and that time is of the essence.

Get with the One who heals, who redeems; the One who created you long before the foundation of the earth. The One who knows your pain and can take away your pain. You are too precious to live life dying when you don’t have to.   Start with Acts 3:19 and let the times of refreshing come. They will. It takes one step at a time yet each step brings more power into the lives of those who forgive. I am living proof. And don’t you want to be too?