The Distraction of Unforgiveness

We all know that anyone alive has had some experience of pain at least once. It doesn’t matter if you were the one who caused someone pain or if someone else caused you pain. The fact remains that there was pain and for most people that pain leads to unforgiveness. As a result; unforgiveness serves the purpose of being a distraction if you are not careful or aware. ¬†Unforgiveness is so sly in its innerworkings to where die from it without even knowing that it exists or that they suffer from it.

So how does unforgiveness serve as a distraction? It’s incredible really once you are able to see it; and that requires getting to a place of truly being an overcomer. To give you something to look forward I share with you exactly how it is a distraction so that you too can live the full life that God created you for.

1. Unforgiveness distracts you from your real purpose and assignment. God has a purpose for your life. Period. Whether or not you like God, agree with Him or believe in Him is irrelevant. He created you for a purpose. He created you before the foundation of the earth and the time you spend living in unforgiveness keeps you from not only getting closer to God; but also to getting your assignment. Let’s also recognize that unforgiveness plain and simple is disobedience and that disobedience is sin and sin separates. It distracts. It keeps you from knowing what your purpose and assignment is which means those who’s live you are to impact for His Kingdom too lose out.

2. Unforgiveness keeps you from progressing toward your future. Unforgiveness and its symptoms will wreck your life in ways you can’t imagine. I know the impact that it had on my life and while I was moving toward the future because by default if you are life you are aging; but it certainly doesn’t mean you are moving toward the future God created for you. You can’t. How can you go anywhere that God would want when you allow sin to separate you? Not only this; unforgiveness keeps you focused on the past therefore your present is the past which becomes the future. There is no future looking backward. If you want to progress toward your future it’s time to lose weight; the weight of unforgiveness will forever change you spiritually and physically.

3. Unforgiveness keeps you living a false identity based upon false presentenses.¬†When you live in unforgiveness what happens is that your decisions are based upon the level of unforgiveness that is hidden deep in those dark places that people don’t want to talk about. Every decision made is based upon the driving force of unforgiveness. The bitterness, revenge, anger; resentment and more are all surrounding you like sharks ready to devour. As a result; the you that you create day in and day out is based upon the pain and hurt that caused the unforigveness in the first place. Every single thought, action and plan based upon something not of God does not 1) bring you closer to God, 2) reveal the real you. It can’t. ¬†You cannot live out God’s plan for your life while separated from Him at the same time. Unforgiveness serves as the distraction to keep you on the side of the enemy and not that of God. And a result; the life you just may be living is really not the one truly intended for you at all.

Unforgiveness is not a game. It is not something to talk about in passive nor is it just flippantly stating a few words and that’s it. No. It is about dealing with the issue at the root level. It is about surrendering to God and overcoming with Him what occurred in the past to allow Him to be the one who avenges those wrongs to turn them right. It is about seeing that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy and that if you are unforgiving you have just given your life into the hands of the enemy. Do not allow the enemy such power. Do not be distracted by the ploy of allowing him to win. Do not give others the power to control your future. You are worth much more than this. It’s time to stop being distracted, pick up your sword of forgiveness and win the battle!