Thank You for Serving Us: We Salute You

I bet there is no where in America where one can look and not see someone who has laid down his life for another. There just isn’t.  This is what America is. It is the land of free because of those who stand and fight for it. It was not built by a bunch of pansies. Not this country. This is a country founded by men who did not bow to anyone; ever. The men and women that fought and fight for this country are better than that. It’s a shame that the leader of the free world doesn’t see that or follow in the steps thereof.

On this day it can not be forgotten or any day for that matter. Every day it can not be said enough ‘Thank You” for the sacrifice you have made. Thank you for the life you have chosen so that we Americans may have ours. Thank you for the home cooked meals you have given up. Thank you for the time you have missed with your family and friends. Thank you for enduring the heartache for those you have lost. Thank you for the rocks and dirt you slept on in the heat to protect us at home while we slept quietly in our beds. Thank you for your determination. Thank you for the cuts, scrapes, bruises, surgeries, dis-figuration and loss of limbs you experienced on our behalf. Thank you for the fighting spirit and courage.  Thank you that because of your selflessness we can choose to be as selfish as we desire by burning the very flag that represents what you fight for us to keep. Thank you for the heartbreak you have endured by what you have survived. Thank you for the bravery, courage; and strength that you have shown to stand for this great nation. Thank you for who you are.

Thank you to Veterans from many wars and to the rest of you that I don’t know or can’t think of off the top of my head: Steve Tassio Navy Vietnam, Jim Richmond Vietnnam, Don Shepherd Vietnam, Joe Carrano Desert Storm, Tony Hyatt Desert Storm(deceased), Shannon Smith Army, Tim Cord Marines, Dan Cord Marines,  Dan Jarmon Marines, Phil Snyder Marines,  Steve Blackman Iraq, Curtis Zachary Iraq, Royal Wayne Iraq, Keifer Fiveash Army, Bobby Bridgewater Navy, Patti Knight USAF, Steve Vogel USAF, Dave Hilary Army,  Lewish Burwell Puller Jr. Marines, John McCain Navy, Chris Gomez Navy SEAL, Joel Lambert Navy SEAL, Talon Smith Navy, Wes Clar 4 Star General, Si Roberton Navy, LT Michael P. Murphy US Navy SEAL, Brent Gleeson US Navy SEAL,  Grady Powell, Austin Bridgewater National Guard, Dan Johnson Army, Samuel K Navy, Chris Kyle Sniper Navy SEAL (deceased, Chad Littlefield Navy, Samuel Keerikoolparn Navy,  Gary Schultz, James F. Grisson Army, Michael Mansoor Navy SEAL (deceased), Chad Almy USMC, Craig Davis Army, Jeff Todoroff Army, Nick Schnieder Army, Steven Speeces USN/USCG, Nate Perry USAF and many millions more that I do not have listed.

You are the men and women who have more guts than the average, more determination than those that dream for it; and those who risk with no reward. You are the very definition of what a hero is and I along with millions of others say Thank You.


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