Standing Firm to Trust at All Cost

In today’s unpredictable society; one day you have it all and the next day your next elected politician steals it from you. What will you do? Trust in the failing stock market? Stock up and head to the hills? What will you do? Where will you put your trust? Your 401k? Let’s hope not! Your return is too unstable to predict and well; I’m not a betting woman when it comes to the money game. The one area of trust though is that God will provide. God’s Word never fails and while it took me years to figure it out; praise Him that I did.

I have many testimonies of the goodness of God but this one takes me back to a time when life was really interesting. I was just kicked out of a church by nasty emails calling me names when I shared that I needed some time alone with the Lord and I didn’t really know may people in Dallas. My income dropped to less than my rent after I had just moved to a larger place for my mother (who stood me up on the move) and I had no way out. I knew that sharing this with many people would only deem me crazy so that wasn’t really an option. No. This was something to be worked through with only Jesus. Perhaps you have been there.

For 10 months He carried me. I didn’t know where anything was going to come from. None. He provided in ways that only He could; and always in His ‘perfect’ time. All I was required to do was trust. And believe me the trusting was the hardest; although He never left me. He will never leave you either.

See; it’s one thing to say you trust the Lord and then use credit cards as your backup and another thing to have absolutely no means whatsoever! When you don’t have credit cards; when you have nothing but Him you will need to make a choice. And you better choose quickly- and Him.

There will never be anyone who can carry you through anything like He can and like He will. No one. And so I share this as some encouragement for you to know that in the midst of your trials He is with you. He always has been. He has loved you and will continue to do so. He will provide; so long as you let Him.

What’s your testimony? What can you share?

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Image belongs to Karen Holland 2009