Simple Tactics for Removing Distractions

The enemy knows how to play games; and create distractions. As Believers we must be on guard; on watch for what they are and how to remove them. Distractions steal much from you and if you are not aware; your life will slip away-one day or conversation at a time. I had no clue how many distractions were an interruption from my life. You see; they became part of my life. How many distractions are such a part of your life that you aren’t even aware of? It’s time for them to go! Try the following to bring forth fruit in your life:

1- Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what distractions you have in your life. What you may see as normal the Holy Spirit can identify as a distraction. When I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal distractions there were a few that came to mind that I had allowed to just be part of my life. For example; social media notifications. I didn’t realize the ownership my phone had of me. When it was revealed not only was it the notification from my phone; but also then how much more time I was giving to review the notifications; in addition to how it impacted how I felt. As a result the enemy stole time, energy, peace and my focus from what I was doing. Sneaky some may say. That is just one example. You probably will have your own personal list for certain. Studies show that people who have notifications on their phone operate with higher levels of anxiety. Why? Because there are times when they can’t take care of whatever the notification is so they think on it until they can. And it may be for hours. Do you honestly have hours to give to thinking about something you can’t do anything about at that very moment? Surely not! Don’t be deceived.

2- Pray offensively. Once the distractions were revealed my prayer life changed. I prayed that the distractions were removed, that the enemy assignments were cancelled, that focus on the Lord would reign supreme. I prayed for my mind, my time, my relationships, my focus, my productivity all be protected. I prayed that only the people He wanted to cross my path would; and that I would be used to be a blessing to them. I prayed for an increase in discernment and wisdom to spot distractions and how to properly respond. I prayed for peace on every side with no enemy penetration; of course in Jesus name. No longer was I going to be a tool used by the enemy for building His Kingdom. No more- and it should be that way for you too! Remember you have the power and authority in Jesus name to remove all distractions; and mountains. You do not have to just ‘accept’ it- no no.

3- Remain diligent and disciplined. When the enemy knows you are onto his tactics; he changes them. That’s fine just wear him out. Should you press in long enough you will get to that point where he flees from you- not you running chasing your tail in frustration while he sits back and laughs. It requires diligence and self- awareness; which is what most people are lacking. Start paying attention! When you begin to see it you will be able to do something about it. Whatever is in the way of your going forward for the Lord is a distraction and you must remain diligent and disciplined; that is your responsibility. Either you can be diligent for the Lord or the enemy; but typically not both at the same time.

One thing I did that helped me was this: I wrote down (because I write) scripture that pertained to where I was in that season. I took a picture of it with my phone and then saved it as my screen saver. This way every time my phone rang and I looked at it- scripture was right there. Yeah take that enemy. Get creative and start seeing and speaking life over you- shut the door to his access. Get disciplined and start with getting it in your mind!

Walking with Jesus is a choice; it’s a lifestyle and I will tell you as I was told- it will be the hardest thing you ever do. The enemy has a plan for your life and it is to completely destroy it and you at all cost. The best news is that you have the power- you do- to stop him!

Start today and see the life change. My life changed when so much was removed. I needed less; and more of Him. When you get there your life, outlook, operations; and expectations will be what they should be in accordance with you being the head and not the tail. To God be the glory!


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