Removing the Idol Chase for the Idols

How often are you chasing after something and then when you actually get it; it’s not what you thought? Yeah I’ve done that. The degree would get me a better job, that spouse will just make you happy and complete. The new title will just be everything. Hmm mmm. And so the idol chase for the idols becomes a way of life without even realizing it. It’s when you realize that if the race you are running is in vain and you are putting it before Jesus Christ that your life will change; which makes sense since His Word tells us to have no other gods but Him but I digress. Fantasy football anyone?

When you examine your life have you allowed what you think something will bring to your life be what you chase? That idol that you never realized was?  Will the new home bring you more? Of course- more space to clean and take care of but will it seriously bring you what you have created it to in your mind? Will you being married bring you what you are expecting? Or will you find that you created the idea so much in your mind when it comes to reality you are disappointed? Probably so. But you see if you remove the idolizing of it when it all comes it will be wonderful; it will be what it needs to be because it will have been placed in its proper place. And that is behind Jesus Christ.

Julie Blair is President of Julie Blair Ministries that helps people mature in Christ. To learn more about going deeper in Christ or to have Julie speak to your church or business visit

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