Removing Busyness to Hear From God

The new year has entered and people are of course ready to start off on the right foot; and of course time to get busy. But at what cost? Let’s face it: when you remove yourself from being busy your hearing from God can and will increase. Let us not forget what busy really is: Bound Under Satan’s Yoke. And who wants that? The bondage of busyness kills even the slyest of them all; so don’t be fooled.

When we look at this new year, this new season it’s a wonderful time to get things in order. Many start off with the goals of new promotions, vacations in the sand; and perhaps a degree or two. Oh the plans of mice and men!  Of course then there are the typical new years resolutions but how many of them have you already broken? Perhaps one too many beers or a skipped workout? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one. And besides who says that you even have to have a day to start a resolution in the first place?  Forgive yourself for the unpromised promises that you made that you already knew you weren’t going to keep. Your fingers were cross behind your back; we all know it. We’ve all been there. So don’t feel bad. Instead; be glad that you don’t have that guilt and remorse hanging over your head and look for those treasured moments when you hear from God. don’t let anything cloud that judgment or hearing as it will only be a lost opportunity and who needs another one of those?

I know that when I stopped making new years resolutions my life did and didn’t change. It changed in that I didn’t have to engage in the conversations about what they were and I didn’t have to feel bad about not following through. I didn’t have to think about what resolutions I would make and break; because I know myself that well.  And then it didn’t change because life kept going and that would make sense as it does regardless of what day it is or what tradition people follow. That in and of itself removed a level of busyness that I realized was pure clutter and that too; had to be removed.

You see; when you remove all the clutter; in the spiritual and natural your life will change. Sure everyone has an app for that; expect how cluttered does your phone and life become just to get organized and yet still not hear from God? We live in a time where people have more access to make life simpler and easier; yet it is more complicated. Oh the experience of the oxymoron. It’s time to remove all of what you are allowing to cause yourself to be busy and get to the foundation of life; and that is and can only be in Christ. And you truly don’t need an app with customized alarm for that. Just let it be.

If you step away for a moment and reflect on the experiences that you crave with Christ but never get who’s fault is it? His? How could it be? His Word is clear that He will never leave nor forsake us.  It’s His Word that tells us to be still. So it must be us; which would make sense right? In the era of trying to be more, do more, get more, live more, experience more, see more and share more we have become a society of less. Less tolerant, less loving, less forgiving, less related, less healthy, less experienced; and less in hearing from God. It is time now that the trend must turn. It must. Or the experience we get will be one that there won’t be an app for.

The choice is yours. What do you truly want? One more gadget that you need a degree to operate? One more promotion in title only that steals your time from your family yet pays less? One more program to watch that only kills your mind? One more drink that numbs the pain of years past? Or do you truly want one more experience with God Almighty that is one you will never forget; leaving you to be on watch for the next one more experience with the God Almighty that will leave you forever changed in yet one more way that couldn’t ever come through any other means? If you chose the latter you choose life and isn’t that what His Word tells us? Of course. So on this day while everyone is priding themselves on being busy in the name of busyness; why not take the route less traveled? Make your own way by removing the clutter the bondage of busyness breeds and increase your hearing from the One who is ready to give you more than what you could ever dream or imagine. You won’t regret it.

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