Realigning the Stinking Thinking

Stinking Thinking ,

You have a choice about what you think about. What you choose to think about will dictate where you go in your life. God’s Word tells us to ‘choose life so that you and your family may live’. It is a measure of protection that begins in the mind. The stinking thinking that you allow in will distort everything else in your life. Removing the stinking thinking will protect you and your family and will bring more of God and His larger plans into your life.

God’s Word also tells us to demolish every argument and pretension set up against the knowledge of God and so therefore; as we do that our lives will change. This is so that we can live in the freedom that comes only through taking every thought captive unto Him.

Brothers and Sisters; God is on your side. He wants the best for you it’s just time that you align yourself with you to align with God’s Word to receive just that.

You are not alone- He is with you!

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