Prepared to Love

Love in today’s society must reign. it doesn’t matter what part of the world or who you are. Love must reign. It must if we intend to live as Christians. And in these times; we must stand in accordance with God’s Word to love our neighbors regardless of what we think of them. We must love and be prepared in and out of season to walk and live in love.

In a recent conversation; I listened to a story about a group of people were discouraged and disappointed after studying and watching to learn about the Shemitah, the blood moons; and other various things that were expected to take place.

These people followed along intently and believed all the words spoken and all the concepts taught; and waited for what would occur. Sounds great right? Except; it didn’t. The expected calamity did not strike on the day or the days that were prophecied. As a result; the group was left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Situations like this are not uncommon; they are just not probably talked about daily at the dinner table. It is one though that leads us all to be prepared and in a way that only is in love.

You see; you can be the best prepper and listen to this alleged prophet or that and have every study guide and 2,000 rounds of ammo but if you have no love for your neighbor you have nothing. What do you think you will do when calamity strikes and you instead of love; hate? What will happen to not only your neighbor but to you as well?  If you allow yourself to get discouraged by one person then what will happen when there are three or four or more that have a false word? There can be no room for anything but love; and love for another.

No one is doubting that these are tough times for the world. One doesn’t need bifocals or binoculars to see it. It’s here. Look around. Some are looking for that specific date except the largest clue that is evident when Jesus spoke these words in Matthew 25:13: “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” (NIV) The search to know this or that instead of focusing on love and hearing from God will only serve as a distraction and right now; who needs more distractions?

It is time that in order to know and be in the know that it isn’t about this person teaching or speaking that; but the Almighty God speaking directly to you. Period. When you get to a place of hearing directly from Him and in love- you will be more prepared for anything than you can possibly imagine.