Prayer to Neutralize the Strongman

First and foremost the devil is a liar. There is no reason that any Believer of God should be operating under the dominion of the devil when he truly has none. We as Believers have all the power and you have the power to destroy the works of the enemy. To God be the glory!

God has given us the weapons with which to fight and when these weapons are used the devil can do nothing against us. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds (2 Cor. 10:4).

A strongman is the leader of a group of spirits or the commander over a group of spirits operating in the darkness of this world. He is the wicked ruler over every nation, town and family and so long as he can he will. It is time that in your life the strongman is destroyed.

Every strongman in charge of my case and your case too is required to bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ The Annointed One and His Annointing in me so reads the Bible. My faith in God the Source will help me overcome because I am born of God (1 John 5:4).

In the Book of Ephesians 6:2 it tells us that “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darknes of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The good news is that with Christ we are overcomers and the devil has no power or authority and we can and must pull down strongholds that are operating.

Father in Jesus name please forgive me of my sins. I thank You for Your mighty deeds of old, Your Son and this time to be together.

Father in Jesus name I use the power and authority You have given me to bring down all strongman and his power. In Jesus name I:

  • Withdraw the control of my life from the hands and domination of household wickedness in the name of Jesus
  • Withdraw my future from the influence and control of household wickedness in the name of Jesus
  • Release myself from any unconscious satanic bondage in the name of Jesus
  • Reject every demonic power controlling my town and call them all to be paralyzed in Jesus name
  • Call forth the hosts of hell against me to break down, in Jesus name
  • Command all spiritual vultures wishing for my death, begin to receive the stones of fire now, in Jesus name
  • Break all problem with links to my parents in Jesus name
  • Break every placental bondage in Jesus name
  • Break off every nature of failure in my life and call forth nature of success come to me Now in Jesus name
  • Cancel all rejoicing of the wicked over my life in Jesus name
  • Loose myself  from the bondage of inherited spirit in Jesus name
  • Uprooted every evil tree in Jesus name
  • Break every inherited sickness and bondage over my life in Jesus name
  • Decree every power that has ever done me wrong in the name of Jesus and I issue judgment on the camp of the enemy as written in Psalm 149
  • Speak all my oppressors fall by their own counsels in Jesus name
  • Command every chained  blessing be released to me in Jesus name
  • Speak every ordination of paralysis be canceled in Jesus name
  • Break and detach every problem attached to my name be revoked in the name of Jesus
  • Decree that every evil remote control and spiritual satellites set up against me receive the thunder fire of God and be burnt to ashes in Jesus name
  • Decree every strange and wicked voice calling my name be silenced in Jesus name
  • Decree the Blood of Jesus wash away every mark of witches, wizards and wicked men from my life in Jesus name
  • Speak spirits of envy and strife are removed from my life in Jesus name

Father in Jesus name I decree that:

  • You reveal unto me every secret about my life that I need to know.
  • Holy Spirit expose everything operating in me keeping me from knowing my life secrets
  • I am purged from every spiritual and physical poison  through food in Jesus name
  • You strengthen me as I stand against faith destroyers in my life in Jesus name
  • You increase my wisdom to understand the affairs of my life in Jesus name
  • Your fire, thunder, lightening and tempest is upon evil observers of the progress of my life in Jesus name
  • Every organ in my body functions properly and in balance in the name of Jesus
  • Every problem attached to my name be nullified in Jesus name
  • Every attack against my name be nullified in Jesus name
  • The veil hiding my evil strongman be destroyed in the name of Jesus
  • All blocked ways, paths, opportunities to success are opened in the name of Jesus
  • Supernatural favor is upon my life in abundance now and forever in Jesus name
  • Supernatural breakthroughs come forth now in my life in the name of Jesus

I thank You Father in Jesus name that:

  • The keys to unlock all doors to my blessings all work and the doors are open an I receive in now in Jesus name
  • I walk in new discernment of the motives of others
  • I walk in new power and authority with the enemy under my feet for all the days of my life

I give You the praise and glory that Your Word will never return void and that it will be fulfilled in my life. I thank You for all this and pray all this in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.


We stand in agreement with you as you prayed this prayer.

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God bless you.

Julie Blair Ministries 2019