Prayer for the Power to Prosper

God desires all round prosperity for his children; and the enemy despises it. God’s prosperity is a fullness of all of what He has for His children.  The more we increase in Him the more we increase in prosperity and His abundance. God’s Word commands us to seek Him first in Matthew 6:33 ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you’. and as we do we will be more blessed beyond imagine and it isn’t inclusive only of money.

We will not lack as we put our trust and hope in Him and what He has for His children is for this time and for all who come forward. Deuteronomy 8:18 tells us that ‘God gave us the power to accumulate wealth’ and as this is true there is nothing wrong with the wealth or the acquisition of it. It is a lie to believe that prosperity is not of God or that it is not for His Children.

As we all grow spiritually we know that in times of feast and famine we so shall be satisfied and bearing fruit for His Kingdom for all the days of our lives.


Father in Jesus name I thank You that You hear the prayers of the righteous and that all is well with my health and my soul and that power is entering into my life now. I speak forth in Jesus name:


  • I possess properties that You have for me.
  • All security men in charge of satanic banks harboring my blessings are paralyzed.
  • That all appointments of all satanic bankers and managers in the name of Jesus are cancelled.
  • Your thunder will shatter to pieces all the satanic strong rooms harboring my properties and blessings.
  • All satanic instruments, the legal tenders and the checks, used against me be completely destroyed now.
  • All satanic cleansing houses and agents are  roasted now.
  • All satanic transactions and contracts against my life are cancelled now and rendered null and void.
  • All satanic networks and computers fashioned against me be destroyed never finding me.
  • All blood that has been stored up in satanic banks come forth now.
  • My identity and name are never used for satanic transactions.
  • All work I do is profitable an produces fruit for Your Kingdom.
  • Every assignment against the work of my hands is paralyzed.
  • Every arrow of spiritual deposit and advance payment against my livelihood is returned to its sender.
  • Every work of my hands receive divine profit now for all the days of my life.
  • My hands are blessed with the fire of God and all that I do prospers.
  • The work of my hands is protected with Your hot coals of fire.
  • Every evil force that is against the work of my hands is rebuked.
  • Your touch is upon everything I do, create, speak and develop.
  • Every tree of profitless hard work are uprooted to never grow root again.
  • All profitless words and deeds be removed from me now.
  • Every evil load is dropped now never to be picked up again in my life in Jesus name.
  • Every satanic deposits in my life, business, work of my hands relationships, inventions, and future are drained now.
  • Every strange hands and legs walk out of my business and work never to return.
  • The spirit of favor is upon me now and for all the days of my life.
  • My territory of prosperity is expanded doubling with each passing day for all the days of my life.
  • Every devourer  assignment against my livelihood, prosperity  and work are cancelled.
  • You would cause Your ministering angels to bring customers and prosperity in my life.
  • Every spirit of error must leave now to the abyss forevermore never to return.
  • Every business relationship will prosper and no contracts of of jealousy or corruptness will be enacted in Jesus name.
  • Increase my abundance in every area of my life for Your Name’s sake.
  • Every evil legs on my finances, evil powers keeping the copy of my registration certificates, every operational curse are broken now in Jesus name.
  • An increase in anointing for money yielding ideas, witty inventions and creativity to flow to and through me for all the days of my life.
  • Every spirit of fake and unprofitable investment are rebuked in Jesus name.
  • Every effect of strange money on my business and work is neutralized in he name of Jesus
  • All satanic hosts against my prosperity receive blindness to never recover.
  • All hindrances to my prosperity be electrocuted in Jesus name.
  • Every mistakes is an opportunity to testimony to Your greatness.
  • All who attempt to hinder my prosperity to lose all theirs now and for all their days.
  • I command all my buried blessings to be exhumed and produce now.
  • I command blessings from all people regardless of nationality or faith to bless me.
  • All my financial miracles locate me now and be perpetual.
  • Every blessings attached to my place of birth, be released now in the name of Jesus
  • Use all the people in my environment to bless me and let anointing of prosperity fall on me in the name of Jesus and transfer to them as they bless me for Your Name’s sake.
  • I command all hindrance of the enemy blocking my prosperity to be destroyed now.
  • All darkness in every area of my life are driven out now in Jesus name.
  • You shield me from every form of deception.
  • Increase my wisdom and understanding to the things of You.
  • Remove all powers that did not originate from you.
  • I renounce the kingdom of darkness and embrace the kingdom of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus.
  • I am loosed from all spirits of greed, power, politics and corruption along with all their influence and impact in my life.
  • I apply the blood of Jesus Christ to break all evil curses.
  • I am anointed with fresh oil from heaven in Jesus name.
  • Holy Spirit expose every strongholds hindering revival and expansion in my life.
  • I divorce every satanic spouse in attempting to operate in my life now.
  • Your fire is released on every demonic child in my family in the name of Jesus.
  • Every spirit of slavery and hardship in my life are rebuked now.
  • Every spirit of delay and hindrance are rebuked and You move me into Your Kairos time.
  • I rebuke every anti-breakthrough spirit and strategies in Jesus name.
  • The hands of evil will refuse to perform their enterprise and operations in any area of my life in the name of Jesus.
  • No spirit of compromise will enter into any area of my life in Jesus name.
  • I pull down all strongholds of evil and diminishment over my life and the lives of members of my family in the name of Jesus.


And Father in Jesus name I thank You that I am free and loosed from all bondage of the what would have held me back, that I am fee to prosper and walk in the full power You have given me to be a blessing to those I come in contact with so they too can be a blessing to those they come in contact with all for the expansion of Your Kingdom and for Your glory. I thank You for all these things and pray them all in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.


We stand in agreement with you as you prayed this prayer.

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