Prayer for Entering into 2019

As with any new year; it begins a new season. New seasons have different requirements and provisions. There is a time of leaving one season to enter a new one and what is needed in this new season will be different than what was in the past. In praying for the new season it will help you enter in with all that you and the Holy Spirit know you need.

May this prayer for this new year bless you as you go forth in Jesus name.

Father in Jesus name I pray:

– for fresh garments of favor, increase in wisdom, faith and sensitivity to Your Holy Spirit. I pray for an increase in love and compassion.

– that all soul ties to the previous year, old relationships, mindsets, patterns, routines, traditions and operations are cut in Jesus name. I pray for healing of all pains of this past year and that all emotions to those events as they are healed are cut off so I can go forward free of the pain of the past.

– for a refreshing of new mindsets, new patterns, new operations; new divine connections and relationships.

– that You use me mightily in this season to grow Your Kingdom for Your Name’s Sake.

– for an increase and new dimension of faith that will bring forth testimonies for Your Kingdom. (John 14:14)

– that all my provisions are met in this season and I thank You that You are my source. (Phi 4:19) (In this I actually create my new operating budget and bring that forth in petition identifying what those needs are. I also ask the Holy Spirit to reveal anything I did not list so that I can bring those items too to the Father. It is going beyond the ideology of ‘God knows my needs’ and leaving the responsibility to Him to do it all just because He knows. Its working ‘with’ Him and the Holy Spirit and opening and keeping the communication lines open.)

– that all projects you want completed in this season to be brought forth. Anything I have set aside be brought back to my memory and revealed along with all the requirements within the project that are needed.

– the grip of the enemy in this season is removed and that he flees in every direction from me.

– that I walk in new authority and identity in You and that what You want accomplished in me, to me and through me in this season is completed for Your Name’s sake.

– in all things I get maximum time with You.

I thank You for this new season and I pray all of this in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

God bless you.