Prayer For Divine Wisdom

Father in Jesus name I ask that You forgive me of my sins. I thank You for Your mighty deeds of old, for Your Son and this time to be together. Father in Jesus name I ask that:

  • Your wisdom prevails in everything I do for all the days of my life
  • Your wisdom prevails in every business meeting and transaction
  • All unproductive and destructive meetings set against me fail to take place in Jesus name
  • You lead and guide me in my decision-making accurately and profitably
  • You give me new and creative ideas and an increase in the spirit of creativity
  • Your Holy Spirit teaches me how to bring fruit into the business world
  • Every spirit causing financial wastage depart from and all my business interactions and transactions in the name of Jesus
  • Your divine wisdom to what projects are not for now and open opportunities for those that are
  • I am led by Your divine wisdom in all decisions regarding my family for all the days of my life
  • Your divine wisdom guides me in this season and through it to the next for all the days of my life
  • You fill me with Your divine wisdom overflowing with double each passing day and You glorified

I thank You Father for filling me with more of You so that in all things I am pleasing to You and that Your name is glorified above all. I pray all this in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.

We stand in agreement with you praying this prayer in Jesus name.  Do not give up, give in or be moved by anything other than His Spirit!


God bless you

Julie Blair Ministries