Prayer Before Entering a Store

Stores are filled with deception at every turn. Their goal is for you to part with your money of purchases you didn’t intend, to get more in debt and eat items that are not designed for your best health. Being a wise consumer will help you not only save money; but also time and your health too.


Father in Jesus name please forgive me of my sins. Father in Jesus name I thank You that You are with me as I enter this store. (name of store)

I speak forth in Jesus name that:

You protect me, You guide my steps, You reveal only to me what I need in this store.

Every single thing You reveal I need is available and where I will see it as you reveal it to me.

I buy nothing that I do not need and that my eyes are shut to all temptations.

Every spirit entering through soundwaves is rebuked and all portals of entry to me are closed.

All spirits in this store not of You are rebuked now and must flee from me now in every direction.

All familiar spirits are rebuked from attaching to me, all foul smelling spirits are rebuked from entering my hemisphere; and I rebuke all spirits of confusion, chaos and distracting  from surrounding me.

Every following, watching, hovering spirit I command them to leave my presence right now.

Every aisle I am in is filled with peace.

No watching cameras or recording devices will be able to gather any information about me and that my phone (if you have it with you) appears scrambled to them in Jesus name.

I have favor when I approach the checkout there is no line, the cashier is the one You assign and that there are no mistakes on my bill of any kind.

That I am only in this store  the exact amount of time that you deem necessary, that there are no spirits that cause me to linger or loiter and that what I am here to accomplish I accomplish with success and protection.

As I leave no spirits will follow or attach to me and that all ties to this store are cut in Jesus name.

I thank You Father for being with me in this store and for all You have blessed me with and that as for all this in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.