Prayer Against Halloween

In the name of Jesus we ask You to forgive us of our sins.  In Jesus name we command all every Halloween spirit, every astral projection, ungodly silver cords, implants, Lay lines, and spirit triggers to be removed and cast out In the name of Jesus. We come against ALL spirits that operate during halloween and leading up to this day. We bind all spirits of death and Samhain and every spirit of Molech, spirit of idolatry and occultism, witchcraft and burn up every generational spirit hindering our progress Lord, and any ancient spirits that have followed our bloodlines.  in Jesus name and we loose your ministering spirits of love and life.

We cancel every one of satan’s assignments against our families both in the spiritual and natural in Jesus Name. We pray that You Holy Spirit would intervene and create circumstances that will prevent the ritual human and animal sacrifices from taking place.  In Jesus name we:

  • pray on behalf of all the children and pets scheduled to be sacrificed as a blood sacrifice to satan that they all would escape in Jesus name through any means You deem necessary.
  • Prevent Satan from getting his human sacrifices in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, or suicides.
  • Pray that the individuals from generational witchcraft families who have been ritually abused and programmed for the purpose of human sacrifice would escape, become born again and delivered from spiritual bondage and all symptoms in Jesus name.
  • Pray that those in the occult would not be successful in recruiting people into witchcraft, Freemasonry, and other branches of the occult; especially young children and teenagers in Jesus name.
  • Pray Father that You would protect children from being spiritually harmed by eating candy that has been ritually cursed. We pray that parents are on watch and are in proper position to remove ALL CURSED CANDY!
  • Pray in Jesus’ name that ALL spells, curses, vexes and incantations that will be done on Halloween night are cancelled. Shut the mouths of the witches, warlocks and all who perform demonic activities.
  • Pray that curses to cause traffic accidents, fires, and all manner of planned disasters human life destruction are broken and will not occur in Jesus name.

Father in Jesus name we close all gateways and portals (including the third eye) the enemy may use in Jesus Name. We close our ear and eye gates and seal them with the Blood of the Lamb.

We declare we are hidden in the secret place of the Most High in Jesus Name and declare we are invisible to the enemy and Hidden in Christ. We thank you Lord all our enemies are now removed from our presence in Jesus Name.  We release the Blinding Light of God on all evil spiritual hosts that even try to come near us and our families in Jesus name. We declare we are clothed in his Glorious Armour of light right now Amen!!!! Sickness, depression, distraction, discouragement, chaos, oppression, dizziness, tiredness, all vampire spirits Go ….Now in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!!! We renounce all works of darkness in every dimension and hemisphere!
We bind the prince of the power of the air and all his networks, and destroy all their strategies and assignments against ourselves and families. We release the anointing of God over ourselves, our circumstances, our families, our communities, our states and country in Jesus name.  We command All demons go to the pit never to return, in Jesus name! We release the fruit of the Holy Spirit over all of us now, in Jesus name and we thank You Holy Spirit that You are with us.

And Father in Jesus name we stand in the gap to pray that those who regard themselves as faithful Christians –and yet “learn the way of the heathen” by celebrating Halloween or engaging in so-called “Halloween alternatives”—would see Halloween the way You, Father see it and repent. We repent for dishonoring you in celebration of what is NOT of You and ask for Your forgiveness as we turn toward You. Help us to see, get and stay in the light for all the days of our lives trusting that Your Way is the only way. We thank You for hearing our prayers and for keeping us protected as we pray all this in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.