In these times sugar coating the Truth keeps people bound and those who dare enough to share it; suffer the consequences. At some point all will have to choose which they will receive: lies or Truth.

Let’s face it: censorship in America is here- and here to stay. The Truth of God’s Word is being removed from the public square faster than the demons went into the pigs in the Book of Matthew. The God haters, the hypocritical intolerants of the world are at it again. The cries for tolerance in the name of intolerance just must want to make Jesus either never want to return- or to return that much quicker.

In Edmond, Oklahoma the Fairview Baptist Church was given notice by Vimeo that their views of the Truth of homosexuality just do not meet Vimeo’s guidelines of community. Ironically; it must be the community of Christians who believe the entire Bible that is. “We apologize for any inconvenience and wish you luck in finding a video hosting platform more suitable to your needs,” wrote Marty of Vimeo’s Trust and Safety department. Additionally; the rest of their videos were also removed. The Truth hurts and well; the ungodly just do not like to hurt.

Should it be a surprise? Not at all. Case in point: Vimeo abruptly shut down the page of Church United, a non-profit in Newport Beach, California, because some content dealt with the issue of counseling people who want to overcome same-sex inclinations in December 2018.

This isn’t by chance, going to stop; or just get better. What it is going to be is more blatant censorship, hatred and intolerance of God, His Word and followers of Jesus Christ. Period. What these God-haters have yet to realize is that while they think they have the power now; they obviously have not read the end of the Book nor grasp their fate.

It’s time that we as the Body of Christ step up. It is time that we stop allowing the God-haters to rule the internet, the social media, the television, the online payment options and more. It is time that ‘we’ start building our own platforms in Jesus name. It is time that we get up and do it because if we do not- our voice as One body will be completely silenced along with the unborn the God-haters are so sickly celebrating.

If you are a ministry, Christian organization, or church and you have your website hosted with any American hosting company you truly need to pray about moving it because as times continue to change; hosting companies are removing Christians and you would hate to lose your entire website because they hate the God you serve. To get hosting where you won’t get censored click here:

God bless you and stay faithful to Jesus Christ!

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