Daily we pray for children to get free from child and sex slave trafficking. We pray for the deliverance and just punishment of those perverted perpetrators preying on children. These are some who have been caught- ‘this’ week.

One large issue in the world that people either aren’t aware of or aren’t talking about is the trafficking of children and the perverted programming coming against them to steal their youth and innocence. Recently; California, New Jersey and Washington were found out to be pushing such sexual subjects as mandatory to 8th-12th graders to normalize pedophilia, anal sex, whips and chains and more. As parents were not notified yet still found out; schools are rethinking their education and what alternatives they can use since Planned Parenthood has been rerouted yet still creating the curriculum many districts abide by.

This is a war. This is a war for children and future generations. The normalization of pedophilia and the changing of laws creates and acceptance of it. Just yesterday a 24 year old pedophile man in Michigan now claims he is an 8 year old girl so that he can continue to sodomize children. He had already been captured and released in New York. He will be serving 20 year sentence.

Most recently; George Nader, a key witness in the Meuller investigation was caught child trafficking and possessing child pornography.

Nader was convicted Monday of possessing child pornography and transporting a 14-year-old boy from the Czech Republic into the United States for sexual purposes. Nader went on to serve in the Defense Department and the George W. Bush administration as an advisor on Middle Eastern policy after engaging in statutory rape against at least five Czech boys.

He was convicted of sex crimes against minors in the Czech Republic in 2003, and was sentenced to a year in Czech prison. The push for punishment is only 10 years in America even though he has a history and was also convicted in 1991 for possessing child pornography.

Please keep children in prayer. They need protection. In Maryland, Georgia and other eastern states there are now white vans perusing schools, malls and neighborhoods searching for children to steal. New reports are on the increase of these incidents and we must all be on watch and pray- without ceasing.

No longer can we just refer to that it’s someone else’s problem. It is our children, our future generations; generations of those whom God has called into leadership that must be given a chance at life. It is not the responsibility of everyone else ‘but us’. No. It is up to us to stand in the gap and pray and watch the testimonies unfold of children getting free, minds be restored and the evil and wicked delivered into justice by God.

Worldwide Daily prayer is at 12pm cst.

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You are invited to stand with us and pray for children, the Church, leaders, judges and more. We must be on one accord, reject the devil in his tracks and stay faithful for Jesus is the only way.


God bless you

Julie Blair Ministries




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