As the transgender debates heats up throughout the US; The State o Indiana has now decided to accept the “resignation” of a teacher who was ordered to adopt the transgender social agenda.Only the names the students preferred to be called were allowed.

The school required John Kluge, the music- theory teacher of four years to call the students by the preferred gender that each identified with. When he refused because of his Biblical beliefs and considered it a violation of his faith; everything changed.

At one point there appeared to be a compromise with Mr. Kluge able to use the students last names; however, the school board reneged on the agreement and forced him to either resign or be fired. If he resigned he would be paid through the summer.

|As the Family Research Council has gotten involved they state that, “Indiana’s Brownsburg High School doesn’t want good teachers. It wants politically correct ones. And administrators will do anything – including forcing out Christians – to get them,”

During Barack Obama’s administration transgender agenda, the Department of Education instructed public schools to let transgender students use the bathroom or locker room of their choice, meaning a boy who says he’s a girl would be allowed to shower with girls.

While the Trump administration reversed the policy soon after Trump took office, but some schools continued to enforce the Obama policy.

This is a time of prayer. Prayer for our teachers, pray for our youth; and prayer that the Holy Spirit would be welcome in our schools with hearts turned toward the Lord.

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