Chic-Fil-A today has changed and not in a way that will have you salivating for one of its sandwiches. No. It has has fallen prey to a tiny little crack called compromise that leads to a gaping hole that only Jesus can restore.

Chic-Fil-A was known as a Christian company without compromise on its Biblical stance. Whether you were on the side of God or not; you knew exactly where this company stood. Chic- Fil-A stood on the side of Biblical marriage; without compromise. Chic-Fil-A has always been a leader for companies in standing up against those who hate Christians.  Chic-Fil-A was a giver to other Christian organizations like the Salvation Army, Fellowship of Christian athletes and many Christian schools that educated our youth in Biblical principles. That was; until today.

Chic-Fil-A notified the world that no longer are they the standard for standing up against the community of those who hate Christians, love rebellious lifestyles and mock us as Believer. What exactly did they do? They decided that giving to Salvation Army was no longer something in their interest; in essence they cowered down to pressure by the LGBTQ community in an effort to expand their geographical location. Their claim is that they are still going to donate to charities who help the homeless, education and hunger. While it all sounds wonderfully appealing; don’t be deceived.

The Salvation Army  serves more than 23 million individuals a year, including those in the queer community. They are known to be  “the largest provider of poverty relief to the LGBTQ+ population.”  There is no other organization in the world that does more than the Salvation Army and for Chic-Fil-A to disregard that is pure and blatant wordsmithing to hide behind the Truth. Dollars, making friends with enemies; and lies; and they fell for it.

The attacks against the Salvation Army have increased because of their stance for Biblical marriage. and having Chic-Fil-A on their side was good for everyone. We are better united than divided. The God-haters have been pushing for anyone who partners with Salvation Army and Christians to suffer the consequences.  “Boycott boycott boycott” has always been the scream!  In the past it worked in favor of Chic-Fil-A because Christians understood the battle; we were on their side while on the side of God.  What happened today; however changes everything.

The decision by the corporate executives of Chic-Fil-A is one that blatantly tells Christians straight to our faces that what we have been standing for with them was worth nothing. It tells us all that loyalty to Truth without compromise means nothing; and that we are left in the cold like the first teenage crush.  It is a leaving of us behind so they can expand into new territory and they cannot do so with Christian organizations as baggage.

The problem with this turn is what was it for? The LGBTQ community cried out for Chic-Fil-A to turn and guess what it did? And is that community praising them? Nope. Not at all. In fact they are now screaming for Chic-Fil-A to denounce all ties with the Christian community. Oh yes; compromise never just stops with a tiny crack. Chic-Fil-A opened the door and now what has occurred has brought devastating consequences that only God be the one to bring forth recovery. His Word is very clear:  “The friendship of the world is enmity with God” (James 4:4) And so- the baggage has been dropped. Watch and see the expansion for Chic-Fil-A and whether or not they will be welcomed by the world.

The people who work for Chic-Fil-A should not be punished; yet they will be. They were put in a position to now choose a side; that of God or to compromise and allow that spirit that entered into the corporation to come upon them. Perhaps the executives do not yet understand or recognize the fullness of their decisions; but rest assured the rest of us do. The rest of us see Christian athletes left on the sidelines, the Salvation Army is seeing a partner fall and right before the holidays; and we are all witness to a slap in the face by a chicken sandwich that many will be thinking twice about eating.

We must pray for the leadership of Chic-Fil-A; because regardless they are family. They are our family and in these times we must stand in the gap and pray and let God work.

Father in the name of Jesus, we lift to You the executives of Chic-Fil-A to you. We pray Father for their hearts; that they would turn toward You in repentance. We pray that the employees of Chic-Fil-A are not punished as a result of these decisions made today. We pray Father that You direct their steps and that Your Truth is revealed. And Father we pray for our own hearts too that as we see what is occurring; that we reject compromise and that we don’t entertain any of it Father for it’s an open doorway to unrelenting evil. Father we pray for an increase in measure of faith and strength, wisdom and courage over us and all Christian businesses and leaders to stand firm on Your Word so we can be the example that is needed in these times and in the face of adversity. Let us not fall into fear, entrapment or any snares of the enemy but rather walk in love in accordance with Your Word regardless of outcome.  And Father in Jesus name we pray that all that has been taken from Salvation Army, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the other Christian schools be returned to them 100-fold in Jesus name. Let not one person who is hungry go without because of this decision made by Chic-Fil-A executives today. We thank You Father Your hand is upon all of this as we pray this in Jesus name. Amen and Amen.


God bless you.

Julie Blair Ministries


If you have a prayer request please let us pray with you in agreement in Jesus name.


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