The persecution of Christians is still alive and well; and increasing in the State of California. While persecution in the western world may not be what it is around the world; the shut down of those who do hold a Bible and to Biblical ideals are continually oppressed, mocked, belittled in the main stream media, online, in television programming and now in advertising of Christian events. The latest is a billboard with Evangelist Greg Lauri holding a Bible for his SoCal Harvest event.

The Bible in the image for the event advertisement does not even have a cross, the word Bible or any scripture; yet the advertising company was still directed to take down the billboard because some might find it ‘offensive’. Complaints at ‘Fashion Island’ in Newport Beach didn’t appreciate the billboard. Even after the overall design was revised; there were still complaints about the Bible.

As a result; the company forced the image to be removed citing contract terms that state, ‘Management reserves the right to not display any materials that could be construed as vulgar or offensive.’ Other billboards; however, were not required to be removed. It appears that censorship in America is becoming more prevalent and Christians must start recognizing it and standing up before it’s too late.

While the Irvine Company refunded their money after the billboards were removed; it is still cause for concern that in America; the Bible, what is reflects and those who stand on it are found offensive while those who find it offensive care not that they too are offensive.

In the times that we live in it is imperative to know what side of God you are on and that you choose wisely as it is become more apparent that the tolerance toward Christians is on the decline and the only true thing that matters is that you are on the side of God.

Julie Blair Ministries


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