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Brig. Gen. E. John Teichert is being targeted for his Christian beliefs and an athiest group is demanding that he be fired and put in prison. Teichert is a decorated general commanding the 11th Wing and Joint Base Andrews, which, according to his bio, is “responsible for the security, personnel, contracting, finance, medical and infrastructure support for five wings, three headquarters, and over 80 tenant organizations, as well as 60,000 Airmen and families in the National Capital Region and around the world.”

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed a formal complaint this week with Defense Secretary James Mattis alleging that he engaged in “intolerance/proselytizing; violations of DoD diversity & civil liberties policies; and Air Force standards violations.”

They claim that his social media accounts with a Christian viewpoint are not deemed appropriate and is in violation of Air Force policies. ‘Weinstein furthermore believes that Teichert “should be doing time behind prison bars, not commanding a wing wearing general’s stars.” Yet all the while Weinstein obviously believes he is entitled to hold his hateful and intolerant opinion with no consequence.

The largest issue the athiest group has is with the prayers in one of Teichert’s sermons where he prayed for:

“Christian leaders to find favor among men”
“A return to our Biblical foundation”
“Recognition of God’s preeminence in our lives and in our land”
“Key leaders accept Christ as their Savior”
“Appreciation for our national Christian heritage”
“Appreciation for a nation formed, blessed and prospered by God’s power”

Perhaps they are more irritated by the fact that they have no one to pray for since they have denied God. Maybe perhaps a prayers should be in order for athiest (not giving credence with a capital A) group to turn toward God and recognize that only a fool in his heart says there is no God.

It’s ironic that the athiest group believes they are being targeted and discriminated against; yet for those who reject God to whom should prayers be directed to? Furthermore; aren’t they targeting Christians with their own level of intolerance? The answer is obvious and it’s time Christians get strengthened because these types of situations are not going to decrease and the Body must be prepared to stand and stay standing to the end.

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