Planes, Attitudes and Your level of Forgiveness

If you know anything about airplanes or flying you know that airplanes also have attitudes; 4 to be exact. While each attitude is different; it represents the direction of the aircraft. As such people are the same; their attitude represents their direction. Whether your nose is up or down your attitude change through forgiveness will be evident and on display. Who knew there was so much correlation to how planes fly to how people behave?

In life as with flying there are ups and downs and changes in directions. The attitude will tell everything others need to know; and much with it is the level of forgiveness there is related. How each are managed will dictate the landing. When people live in unforgiveness the direction of life is downward. One only need to look at the downcast faces of the miserable to see this. When the nose of the plane is down; the attitude is too. Unforgiving people follow suit with the direction of their noses. The negativity, victim mentality, lack of grace and mercy; are all abounding in those who harbor unforgiveness and its cousins. Simply put they are hard to work with, hard to get along with; and not those that you really want in your life. It’s not that they can hold you back as that only occurs if you let it; it’s that they are progressing downward so if this is not the direction you want to go it’s time to change directions! If you are in an aircraft with its nose facing down you probably would escape quickly. The same with the unforgiving people. Abort!

On the other side; when the attitude is up everything is up. In a flight pattern the acceleration upward is exactly that. The aircraft is moving up which is where the nose is pointing directionally. The flight up is filled with more peace and less panic; more  enjoyment and less turbulence. When people choose to forgive; their attitude changes as does their direction. Forgiving people have more patience, understand that others and themselves are not perfect and are able to get along better with others. These are the type of people you want working for you and really simply; these are the people you surround yourself  with.

The next time you enter an aircraft or see one; regardless of size pay attention to the nose. Where is it? Is it climbing, cruising or heading for a dive downward? Then correlate to you and where you are. Are you climbing toward forgiveness and patience with others, cruising steady forgiving others; or are you heading downward in unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment? The choice ultimately is yours so choose wisely. You would hate to be plunging to toward a crash without even realizing it!

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