Picture Perfect in Online Dating

With so many people dating online and so many choices; people can’t afford to not pay attention to the details. Did you know that there are 40 million people who have tried online dating? Currently there are 20 million people using E-Harmony and 15 million using Match. Perhaps you are one such person. (http://www.statisticbrain.com/online-dating-statistics)  If you are looking for love online; you need to be aware of the pitfalls and how to stand out otherwise; you will fall to the side and start believing the lies of rejection that may creep in.

The statistics further reveal that there are 52.4% of men online while 47.6% of women. This means more men and well; women have more options. You need to have it all together if you want the desired end result.

What’s fascinating about the profile and the pictures is that most don’t think about it. They just write a few things that everyone before them has written; and that probably didn’t work either. The other issue is that 53% report that they date more than one person at a time; which means you have no idea what competition you have. Now sure; you may say that people who meet in person do the same thing except with the online dating arena so large you are now competing with a worldwide net and not just the local net with a few.  You have no idea what is going on on that computer when you are not around now do you?

Taking it to the next step what is sad is the lies that come with it. Men lie more about income, height, and their age. They may too lie about how much hair they have but I digress. Women on the other hand; lie too. They lie about their age, physical build and weight. I’m sure there is more as well so buyer beware.

A few tips to help you along with getting that picture perfect dating or mating partner for you for life are as follows:

1- Proper pictures get props. It’s known that men are visual; but gents understand this: Women are visual too. There is nothing more unattractive to most women than you taking a self portrait in the bathroom mirror with your boxers hanging on the bathroom door behind you.  There is also not much attractive about you posing in all your shaved chest glory wearing nothing but sunglasses. If women wanted Magic Mike they would be elsewhere; if you get what I mean.   By having a proper headshot taken you will not only show you are quite dapper; but that you are serious about finding love.  Most photographers specialize in headshots and not only will it serve you in the dating profile but also for your business head shot as well so it’s worth the investment. If you are local to Dallas you can check out www.photographybymisty.com as she does wonderful work. It doesn’t make sense to spend money to find love and then look like you just rolled out of bed with a hangover now does it? Perhaps this is why you aren’t getting the responses that you should be. Ladies; if you don’t look like the cheearleader that you once were; it’s ok. There are plenty of men who will celebrate your curves and honesty about it. Own who you are today and know that you can change it and update that picture. Hiding it though by using old outdated pictures is the one way you will turn off any man as he won’t like the deception any more than you would.  You can’t get angry or think he is a pig because he doesn’t want you after you sold yourself to be something you were in the 1980’s.

2- Think about what you are writing in your profile. If you are a Christian are you really going to accept dating and marrying an Athiest?  if not then why would you put ‘any’ in the religious category? If you accept anything you will get it but then you can’t really complain about it now can you? If you are wanting to date yourself; then go for it just be aware that 1 is a lonely number.  Remember that you are probably looking for someone for longer than a night and it takes time. Why hide the real you when you being you looks good on you? If you are really as good as you think you are- you probably would already be married or still married. There is always room for change and accepting that you and whomever you meet is not so will enhance your chances of finding what you really want.

3- Not having a picture is harmful to your image. This goes back to the fact that both men and women are visual. How many men would like to go out with the woman they have no idea what she looks like? How many ladies would venture in that direction either? Well all like to see and touch and smell and taste; it’s part of the human experience.   Why not have the picture taken and deal with the reality that you have less hair and are not a size 2?  At least you are honest and that is to be appreciated.

4- Pace Yourself.  While you may look at a picture and read all the wonderful words doesn’t mean anything more than this. You  don’t know the person on the other end and getting to know that person takes time. Just because you email back and forth doesn’t mean you all the sudden need to maul her when you meet her for the first time because touching her makes you feel good. An appropriate pace in all areas will help you not get overly emotionally attached to someone you don’t know and end up getting hurt too quickly. Be mindful that you only have the perception of the people you are dating and it may very well be the perception they want you to have.  You can’t be certain of anything until you actually spend time investigating it with that person.

Bottom line is that there are millions of people in the dating fishing pool. You have competition. There is no way around that.  If you are lazy and expecting something that is unrealistic you will always be disappointed. If you aren’t thinking about the image that you are putting out there; maybe it’s time you should. It will be well worth it.  This may very well be your year to dine, wine; and shine in love so why not put in that extra effort and get it!