Perpetuating Lies of Church & State Separation

God is a God of justice as this is determined from Genesis to Revelation. God’s will is even identified in the United States form of government in the Declaration of Independence. As a result it is man’s right and duty to throw off a bad or corrupt government in that God requires those who are able to protect and rescue those that cannot so for themselves. So the question is are you perpetuating the fallacy of separation of church and state? Are you doing anything?And if not- why not?

King Solomon recognized that he had certain responsibilities because of who he was as king. It is written in Psalms:  ‘Endow the king with your justice, Oh God, the royal son with your righteousness. He will judge your people in righteousness, your afflicted ones with justice. The mountains will bring prosperity to the people, the hills the fruit of righteousness. He will defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; he will crush the oppressor.” (Psa 72:1-4)

Today; it should be no different for any believer who is claiming to be a follower of Christ and walking in the authority thereof yet for some reason there is. Those who follow the lie of separation of church and state are obliging the enemy and as a result combat ineffective.  We look to 1952 Supreme Court case of Zorach v Clauson for proper ruling and understanding of the law so that you make the choice in how you will advance God’s Kingdom appropriately to the full and with strength and not fear.

“The First Amendment, however, does not say that in every respect there shall be a separation of Church and State. Rather, it studiously defines the manner, the specific ways, in which there shall be no concert or union or dependency one on the other. That is the common sense o the matter. Otherwise the state and religion would be aliens to either other- hostile, suspicious, and even unfriendly…. Municipalities would not be permitted to render police or fire protection to religious groups. Policeman who helped parishioners into their place of worship would violate the Constitution. Prayers in our legislative halls, the appeals to the Almighty in the message of the Chief Executive; the proclamation making Thanksgiving Day a holiday; ‘so help me God’ in our courtroom oaths-these and all other references to the Almighty that run through our laws, our public rituals, our ceremonies, would be flouting the First Amendment. A fastidious athiest or agnostic could even object to the supplication with which the Court opens each session: ‘God save the United States and this Honorable Court’. We are a religious people and our institutions presuppose a Supreme Being… When the state encourages religious instructions or cooperates with religious authorities by adjusting the schedule of public events for sectarian needs, it follows the best of our traditions. For it then respects the religious nature of our people and accommodates the public service to their spiritual needs. The hold that it may not be would be to find in the Constitution a requirement that the government show a callous indifference to religious groups. This would be preferring those who believe in no religion over those who do believe…” (Zorach v Clauson 343 US 306 (1952)

Let it be known that staying silent in order to keep the so called peace, the donations or membership numbers; or simply live in a land of tolerance while everyone else is intolerant of you, your beliefs and very existence there will come a time when the blessings of the Lord will cease to exist in your life.

Luke 12:48 sums it up for clearly ‘From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. (Jesus)

If these words from Jesus are too much then perhaps these particular words will prove more motivating: “Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!” (Mat 7:23)

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