Paying Attention to the Poor Among You

Jesus said in the Book of John, ‘You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” (12:8) One can look around and see it clear. It’s also known that 3% of the people have 97% of the world’s wealth so one can infer that the rest of us are poor. I was always told that anyone who has to work to support him or herself was poor. I started wondering what Jesus meant specifically by poor and where are these poor; exactly?

Keep in mind when you venture toward something like this; your eyes will be open and what you see may surprise or sadden you. For me it was both. The poor aren’t those who lack financially; no no. It’s so much more than that. Poor in the Strong’s is afflicted (6035) which I know at some point I knew but never paid attention to. I was this time!

I started seeing it everywhere; the hearts of people. The affliction, the pain; the lack of depth in most conversations. Then became the wonder: how did we come to a place of caring more about phones than people? At what point did people become so disposable? At what point did our conversations become reports of our oh so busy pretend lives that we just simply do not ask the most basic of question: ‘how are you?’ and actually have a heart that means it?

The more conversations I listened to the more saddened it became and was so clear what Jesus was speaking about; and how really poor people were then and- now. He tells the disciples that the poor will always be among them; and that they won’t always have Him. How many of us now have Him yet are the walking poor? One may ask what’s up with that? How; how could it be so that we have traded our treasure for trash- and accepted it?

We must remove the spirit of deep sleep and ask our Father to truly open our eyes to see so that we can discern if we are the poor among them; and then rebuke it. We must start paying attention to the poor among us and now before it’s too late. We are losing too many people and simply because our society is so selfish that it just can’t begin to look beyond the next selfie.

Did you know the suicide rate for Caucasian men is at all time high? They are hated in today’s society by so many; men of other ethnicity’s and women alike. And these men alive today are not even responsible for what men hundreds of years ago did; but yet society in its unforgiving ways can’t seem to recognize that. So let’s just add to the poor among us shall we? And for what exactly? We must begin to recognize that while there are always going to be poor among us; having less poor would be more ideal than falling into the enemy trap of propaganda that only creates more.

You see; the person next to you, you know the one- who looks like everything is wonderful on the outside may just be the one poor one knife slit from death or one bullet away from leaving a family behind. You do not know and you never will if you never pay attention to the poor among you.

It is time that we put down the phones and start looking at the people. They, those precious people right next to you will reveal much if only you stop for a moment; just a moment to look. Engage. Listen. Love. You can help the poor be poor no more; simply by paying attention and recognizing that you are needed more than your phone is by others.